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Old Photographs

Now for a walk down memory lane. Here you will find photographs relating to the convent and St. Mary's RC church. Larger versions of the photos are available by clicking on them. Some photographs are large, please be patient while they load. Your contributions are very welcome. Do you recognise anyone, or have any photos you would like to share? If so please contact us.

1966 Snow White Cast

1966. Snow White Cast.

Very Old Convent

Very old photo of the Convent.

Prize Winners 1965

1965. Prize Winners with Sr Mary Peter.

Snow White 1966

1966. Snow White.

Hiawatha Musical 1969

Hiawatha Musical, 1969.

Speech Day 1964

1964. Prizewinners at the 1964 Speech Day with Sr Mary Peter.

Teachers behind covnent

1950s. Back left Miss Mansfield. Centre back Sister (Mother) Aimee. Front right Miss Lichfield. Front centre Sister Eugenie. Photo submitted by Terry Maine.

Class photo

1950s. Photo submitted by Terry Maine.

Viranda steps

c1950. Bernard Squire, Michael Carrol and Brian Elliot on the viranda steps.

Mother Orley on church steps

c1943. Mother Orley and pupils on St Mary's church steps. Back: Mary and Graham Ginter, Bernard and Kevin Squire. Middle: Dawn March, ?,?,?. Front: Shave.

Christmas party

c1948. Christmas party with Fr O'Brien. Back: ?, Shave, ?, ?, Peter Norton, Kevin Squire. Front: Norton.

Donkey rides at convent school fete with Fr McNamara - c1962-1967.

Dancing display in the convent garden during the convent fete, with Rosemarie Wheeler and Fiona Campbell. 1966.

Sunbathing on the tennis court 1969

1969. Sunbathing on the tennis court.

Ground floor plans 60s

Plan, from memory, of the ground floor of St Louis Convent. If you know any different or can add to these plans, please contact us!

First floor plans 60s

Plan, from memory, of the first floor of St Louis Convent.

Second floor plans 60s

Plan, from memory, of the second floor of St Louis Convent.

Back plans 60s

Plan of the back playground and gardens during the 60s. From memory, so not accurate! If you were there later, please tell us what had changed!

Early photo

This c1926 photo shows the newly built 3 storey building.

Prizewinners 67 newspaper

March 1967. From a newspaper article showing Sr Aimee and prizewinners.

Sisters outside St Mary's

1950s? Sisters of St Louis outside St Mary's church.

Kindergarten pupils outside

1950's. Kindergarten pupils playing behind Kindergarten classroom.

1930. Benediction behind old church, showing Alfred Squire with the thurible. He subsequently worked on the buiilding of the new Church as an employee of Dunthorn the builders.

Merry-go-Round at Fete

Mid 1960's. Convent pupils taking part in the Pilgrimage.

Fancy dress at convent

1964. Fancy dress parade at St Louis, behind the Kindergarten.

Merry-go-Round at Fete

1964. School Fete, behind the new hall.

Corpus Christi Procession

Early 1960's. Corpus Christi procession in the garden of Somerset House. Includes Sr. Ignatius with shoolchildren who scattered rose petals in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

Group of pupils on Veranda Steps

1964. Top L-R: Gillie Woodburn, Sandra King, Marilyn Kill.
Middle: Debbie Wade, Pat Nation, Pat Clare.
Bottom: Lynn Harvey, Jane Lunnon, Geanette White, Judy Durdock.

Glastonbury Pilgrimage Procession

1961. Pupils from the convent take part in the Pilgrimage procession.

Prize Winners

1968. Prize Winners.

The Sisters of St Louis, Glastonbury

Early 1960's. The Sisters of St Louis, Glastonbury. From a book commemorating the silver jubilee of St Marys church, Glastonbury.

May 1963. Taken from an article in the local newspaper. Headmistress, Sister Patricia and some senior pupils examine the curtains for the stage in the new hall.

May 1963. Taken from an article in the local newspaper. Shows the new school hall from the tennis courts, with St. Mary's church in the background.

1954 Christmas pantomime of Cinderella? See Michael McKay's message for some names.

1964. Presentation to Sister Patricia. Left to right: Ann Chislett, Sister Frances Theresa, Sister Patricia, Fr. McNamara, Gill Bush, Sister Mary Peter, Rev. Mother ?, Veronica Weeks. Back row, left to right: ?, Jennifer Brown, Sandra Holley, June Fowler, Mary Gifford, Bernadette Cordery, Miriam Campbell.

1955. Sister Eugenie with some pupils in the Kindergarten.

School Outing 1961

1961. Outing to Teignmouth.

1964. Donkey rides were part of the annual summer fete, located beside the nuns' laundry room. Now part of Morrisons supermarket. Street road is in the background.

1964. The Mayor, Cllr Maurice Bush and his wife open the summer fete. Also present are Sister Mary Peter, Sister Patricia and Father McNamara.

1964. Some of the boys dressed up as uncle Tom Cobley and friends, going to Widecombe Fair! Part of the school fete, in the Rose Garden, behind Somerset House.

1964. Some of the girls country dancing at the school fete, in the rose garden.

1965. St. Louis school pupils with Sister Mary Peter in the Roman Catholic Pilgrimage procession along Magdalene street.