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Old Photographs

Now for a walk down memory lane. Here you will find photographs relating to the convent and St. Mary's RC church. Larger versions of the photos are available by clicking on them. Some photographs are large, please be patient while they load. Your contributions are very welcome. Do you recognise anyone, or have any photos you would like to share? If so please contact us.

Glastonbury Pilgrimage to Lourdes 1994

Glastonbury Pilgrimage to Lourdes, 1994.

Corpus Christi procession 1975

Getting ready for the Corpus Christi procession, 1975.

Sr Mary Imelda and Fr O'Connor, St Louis Convent

Sr Mary Imelda and Fr O'Connor, 1975.


This photo from the Glastonbury Pilgrimage, shows the Bishop's throne with the 'Shield of Arms' above it, of the then Bishop of Clifton (presumably Dr Joseph Rudderham). In the foreground is the shield depicting the papal emblem; triple tiara and cross keys of St Peter. Both shields were painted by parishioner Tony Wheeler (seated centre).


Depicts the episcopal heraldic arms of Bishop Mervyn Alexander at Glastonbury Pilgrimage in the Abbey ruins.

Elliot Family

This photo was generously donated by Samantha, daughter of the late Eileen Williams. It was taken in July 1939, with Mary Elliot (nee Roche), holding daughter Imelda, and her husband Wilfred (holding son Brian). In the front row are daughters, Maureen, Eileen and Joan. Sadly, in 1940, Joan was killed in a lorry accident outside the church and Wilfred died in a POW camp in Japan during World War II.)


1930. Benediction behind old church, showing Alfred Squire with the thurible. He subsequently worked on the buiilding of the new Church as an employee of Dunthorn the builders.

Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi procession, c1966.

Crowning of Our Lady

Crowning of Our Lady at May procession, c1954 - a temporary altar was set up infront of the Sacred Heart chapel. Irene Donnely crowned the statue and Veronica Brunt (nee Weeks) was the cushion bearer.

First Communion procession

First Communion procession led by Tony Wheeler, with the old Convent hall in the background - pre 1963.

May Queen Procession

May Queen Procession, with the crowning of statue in the Convent field.

Eric Gill statue of Madonna and Child at Glastonbury Abbey

2011. Eric Gill statue of Madonna and Child returns to Glastonbury, displayed at Glastonbury Abbey visitor centre. Click image to read full article.

Stained glass window, St Mary's Church

Stained glass windows in St Mary's.

Corpus Christi, Somerset House

1960's. Celebrating Corpus Christi in the garden behind Somerset House.

Fr Tranter celebrates his first mass

1982. Fr Tranter celebrates his first mass as priest at St. Mary's.

First Communicants outside St Marys

1970s. First Communicants with Fr O'Connor and Sr Imelda, outside St Marys church.

Convent girls during Corpus Christi

1978. Sr Imelda with girls ready for the Corpus Christi procession.

Service inside half-built St Marys

July 1939. Laying of the foundation stone of the new St Marys, by Bishop of Clifton Rt. Rev. William Lee.

Archbishop Heenan with priests behind old school hall

Early 1960's. Visit of Archbishop Heenan. Present: Canon Fitzpatrick (parish priest 38-44), Abbot of Downside, Monsignor Long, Archbishop Heenan, Bishop Rudderham, Canon Hackett, Fr. James O'Brien (parish priest).

Eric Gill statue

This "Madonna and Child" statue, carved by Eric Gill, stood in the niche of the old church. After the church was demolished, it was transferred to the convent garden.

Interior of the old church

This is a photo of the interior of the old church. On the left the first statue Our Lady can be seen. Larger image of which can be seen below.

Abort Richard Whiting

This painting of Abbot Richard Whiting, by parishioner Tony Wheeler, used to hang beside the chapel in the convent and is now to be found in St Marys church.

The original statue of Our Lady of Glastonbury

This statue was in both churches until 1955, when the current statue of Our Lady was made. Then it was in the convent chapel. It is now in the convent at Richmond, Surrey.

Corpus Christi

1960's. Corpus Christi. Starting the procession of the Blessed Sacrament. From left: Doug Pattison, Tony Wheeler, Fr. McNamara, George Hann, Mr Thompson, Bill English, Jack Keers and Sr. Ignatius.

Crowning the statue of Our Lady of Glastonbury

1965. Crowning of the present statue of Our Lady of Glastonbury, with the golden diadem, in place of her wooden one. Parishioners donated their jewellery to be melted down to make this diadem.

Church Bazaar

1960's. Annual Church Bazaar.

Fr John Farewell

1982. Paper cutting. Parishioners present gifts to Fr. John O'Connor, on his leaving after 15 years as parish priest.

Parish Jubilee dinner

17 June 1965. Parishioners enjoying a parish dinner, in the convent hall.

Parish Jubilee dinner

17 June 1965. Parishioners enjoying a parish dinner, in the convent hall.

Parish Jubilee dinner

17 June 1965. Parishioners enjoying a parish dinner, in the convent hall.

Confirmation group

Mid 60's. Confirmation group outside St Marys, with Bishop Rudderham and Fr. McNamara.

Old St. Mary's Church Sketch

1930's. This sketch, by Tony Wheeler, shows the first St Mary's Roman Catholic Church. It was a converted stable, attached to the convent. In the gable-end niche stands a statue by Eric Gill.

Old St. Mary's Church

c1926. Clearly not the church depicted in the sketch to the left. Can anyone help identify this building?