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Minehead and Frome Convents

The Sisters of Charity of St. Louis also had two other convents in Somerset, in Minehead and Frome. The Sisters came to Minehead in 1898 and founded the St Louis convent. St Teresa's school was opened in 1926. The grounds of this convent school adjoined the convent gardens. The convent in Minehead closed in 1994 - but the school is still there, known as Minehead First run by Somerset county council.

The Sisters settled in Frome in 1902. They bought Whittox House, Frome which was built in the late 1600 by John Whittox. The St Louis Convent school in Frome closed in 1998. Whittox House was then completely renovated overseen by English Heritage to its former appearance. Many of the Sisters taught at some time in either of the convent schools. In Minehead in 1950, Mother St Gerard was headmistress and other Sisters there at that time included Mother Teresa, Sr Sylvester, Sr Joseph, Sr Bernadette, Sr Bernard, Sr Mary Peter and Mother Marie Theresa. In 1960, Mother Aimee was headmistress, while Sr Bernadette was there in 1965.

As we cannot find any websites relating to these other two Somerset convents, we have added this page for any photos of these other convents, etc. Larger versions of the photos are available by clicking on them.

If you went to these convents, we would love to hear from you via the contact form and we will put up any messages and photos you send us.

St Teresa's convent school, Minehead on FacebookSt Teresa's convent school on Facebook St Louis Frome convent school on FacebookSt Louis Frome convent school on Facebook

1957 St. Teresa's school group photo

Pupils at St Teresa's, 1956. Back row: Ann Blagdon, Christine Moseley, Cynthia Ellis. Front: Marion Braund, Angela Fahy, Sylvia Batley Plant, Josephine Rudd.

1956 St. Teresa's school photo

1956 St Teresa's school photo.

Sister Mary Bernard and Mar�a Jose L�pez de Ayala Le�n

Sister Mary Bernard and Mar�a Jose L�pez de Ayala Le�n at Minehead convent. 1956 to 1960.

Minehead Bertha

Bertha Mitchell in her Minehead Convent school uniform. 1920.

Minehead whole school c1925

Pupils and Sisters at Minehead Convent school, 1925. Bertha Mitchell - back row, fourth from right.

The medals are awarded when the girl becomes a child of Mary (thanks to Janet Bull for this information).

Minehead Pupil with Nun

Does anyone recognise the Sister in this photo from Minehead convent, 1934. She is Mother St. Ephraim (Thanks to Maisie Height for this information).

Minehead Chapel 99

Thanks to Val for this photo, taken May '99 in the former Chapel at St Louis Convent, Minehead with former pupils: (from l-r) Pat Tytherleigh, Erika Omasta, Monica Wood, Teresa Gee, Gillian Field, Valerie Snook and Lily Candy.

St Teresas Convent

View of the front of St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Teresas chapel

The chapel at St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Teresas dormitory

“The Holy Angels'” dormitory at St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Louis convent chapel

The chapel at St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Teresas group

St Teresa's school group photograph, 1941.

St Teresas convent

Front view of St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Teresas convent

View of St Louis convent, Minehead from the drive.

St Teresas dining room

The dining room, St Louis convent, Minehead.

St Teresas classroom

Senior classroom, St Teresa's school.

St Teresas Calvary

The Calvary at St Louis convent, Minehead.