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St Louis Now

These photos show St. Louis Convent as it is now. Some photos have larger versions that can be viewed by clicking on them.

May 2008. Below the chapel - vaulted ceiling.

May 2008. Room overlooking the veranda. This was the staff room.

May 2008. Original range in the former Priory kitchen.

May 2008. Back view of the Convent. Chapel windows on left.

May 2008. Remember the bell over the cellar door and milk bottles?

May 2008. Former chapel door on left and main staircase.

May 2008. Back bedroom, with original fireplace.

May 2008. Former chapel, with its original ceiling. This room is 29 by 21ft and 20ft high.

May 2008. View from first floor bedroom. Includes the maple tree on the left, planted in memory of the Convent.

St Louis Convent front view

December 2007. Updated photo of the front of the convent and The Priory, restored to their former glory, but now as three town houses.

Scaffolding around the main building

October 2007. This photo is taken from the top floor window of the new Magdalene House. Wearyall Hill is in the background, but how the foreground has changed since the school days! Gone are the playgrounds, fields and Tor Fair! Replaced by Cavendish Lodge and the new church hall.

The part between the Priory and the main building

February 2007. This photo, taken from the Cavendish Lodge car park, reveals the hidden part between the two buildings. The back of the Priory is to be converted into a four bedroom house. The sitting room will be in the former chapel. The veranda will remain and will be accessed from the kitchen. The front of the Priory will be another four bedroom house.

School Reunion 2006

October 2006. The organisers of the reunion have sent us lots of photos. If you have any photos of the reunion, please contact us. We would love to add them to the website.

The School Bell

October 2006. Do you remember the school bell which hung over the steps to the cellar? It is now rung at the annual Glastonbury Pilgrimage in memory of the Sisters.

The Silver Jubilee Plate

October 2006. Commemorative plate, given to every pupil on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II silver jubilee, 1977.

Cavendish Lodge

June 2006. Cavendish Lodge is now complete. As seen from Magdalene Street, St Marys is on the left and the convent hall would have stood on the right.

St Louis Foundation Stone

May 2006. The St Louis convent foundation stone. “Ad majorem Dei gloriam, 1926” - “For the greater glory of God”

Somerset House

May 2006. Somerset House. Since 1984 this building now houses offices for a computer firm.

The colourful maple tree

Oct 2005. The maple tree as it changes colour in the autumn.

View of the building site

Sep 2005. Looking across what was once the playground at the Convent.

View of the back of the Convent

Sep 2005. One week later and the Kindergarten has also gone!

Kinder Garten as it is now

Sep 2005. The school hall is now gone. The school's toilets can be seen in the centre of this image.

The veranda at the back

Sep 2005. The bulldozers have moved in, revealing the veranda. The Kindergarten is visible to the right.

Convent with St Marys Church

Aug 2005. The Convent and St Mary's Church. The building on the right is the former "Priory", and the three-story building was built for the sisters, to form the Convent school.

Convent with St Marys Church

Aug 2005. The neighbouring St Mary's Church, Magdalene Street.

St Louis Convent Hall

July 2005. The Convent Hall from the path next to St Mary's Church. This was the second Hall, built in the early 60's.

Close-up of back

July 2005. Close-up of the rear of the main building. Notice the Abbey's Abbot's Kitchen behind.