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Smilie Here are some of the messages and memories that you have emailed us. Smilie

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Francis Partington
Frome convent

My half brother Paul and I started at St. Louis convent Frome early 1963, and because we came from a state school Reverend Mother decided to put us in classes a year lower than our ages, it was either that or she thought that we were a bit thick. I was put in one of the portacabin classrooms up on the field, the one on the right hand side, you had to walk up the stone steps to get to them. The nuns kept chickens on part of the field, I liked to watch them scratching around - the chickens that is not the nuns.

Helena used to sit next to me in class, I remember she had a great sense of humour, always making me laugh and very talkative too, which got her into trouble with the teacher a few times, I can't remember the teachers name but she had short dark hair. I was quite a shy boy then. Helena's sister Jeannette was my childhood sweetheart, her friends were Frances Hatchard, Jennifer Plaister and Bernadette?

My mum paid five shillings a week for me to have piano lessons, the music teacher was Miss Noyes, she was very old and she told me she was the great great grand daughter of Alfred Noyes the poet. I was always getting told off for wearing long trousers to school instead of shorts, I wore shorts one day and everyone laughed. One afternoon I broke up a fight in the playground because the supervisor didn't know what to do, next day I was summoned to Reverend Mother's office, I was so nervous I thought I was in big trouble again, but she praised me for what I had done, then took a white paper bag from her desk and gave it to me, outside I opened it, and it was full of sweets. I remember on sunny days at lunch times, we used to eat our sandwiches on the slope by the tennis court.

The education at the convent was of a very high standard, I remember the teachers there being very strict, was there a Miss Murphy? I was very happy there, but we moved away end of 1963 and I was so upset and unhappy for a very long time afterwards.

Does anybody remember a boy with dark hair, long trousers and a bit shy in 1963?.

Hey! when is the next reunion?

Elizabeth Shine
Minehead convent

My friend, Breda Hinchion, spent 2 years at school from 1956 to 1958, and from then til 1970 as a sister in St. Louis Convent, Minehead as Sister Mary Catherine. Breda will be visiting Minehead for the first time since she left the convent in 1970. She will be there from 27th-29th April 2015 and would love to meet anyone who knew her there.

Sarah Carney
Minehead convent

My mother attended St Teresa's from around 1950-1954? Her name then was Gillian Paterson, does anyone remember her?

Helen Turnbull
Frome convent

Hi, my Aunt taught at Frome convent school and I would love to know if anyone has any information on her. Her name was Sister Marie Lawrence.

I look forward to hearing from anyone.

Philip Gillespie
Minehead convent

I am looking to find information about a relative of mine who was a Sister at the Minehead Convent - we knew her as 'Sister Kate' although I am not sure whether this was her name in religion or family name. We would be talking about the late 1970s / early 80s

Glastonbury convent

A former Glastonbury convent pupil Cathy Bakewell (nee Green), who was born in 1949, has recently become Baroness Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville.

Mrs Bakewell, who represents Coker, first entered the political arena in the early 1980s when she acted as former Liberal Democrat MP Paddy Ashdown's secretary.

She was elected to Somerset County Council in May 1993 and was later named leader of the council in 2001, and after six years at the helm she stepped down - but continued as a councillor until May 2013.

Maria (Monica Pauline) Butland
Frome convent

I am 85 years of age and lived at the orphanage until 1946. I worked during the war in the laundry washing kit for English and American soldiers. I went to visit Frome again in about 1986 but by then it had closed.

After leaving I kept in touch with a handful of people for a few years until we all settled down. Then after 60 years I met up with one of the girls again which was wonderful. I'm not sure how many of us are left now but I'd love to hear from anyone who is.

P.S I'm still very good at laundry!

Tony Williamson
Minehead convent

I lost touch with two very dear friends some 50 years ago and have been looking for them both for the past 45 years. Their names are Sylvia and her sister Jackie Batley-Plant.

I was in the forces at Doniford camp near Watchet, and when the battalion was posted to Malta I lost touch with both of them, and would really like to see them both again.

So, if anyone knows the whereabouts of these two girls I will be very grateful. Please send a message to this website.

Thanking you in advance.

Helena Hibberd (nee Bryant)
Frome convent

I went to St Louis convent Frome and I remember Jasmin Thorne. I was a friend of your sister Katrina, and my sister Jeannette was a friend of your sister Shirley. Have lots of happy memories staying at your farm in Nunney.

Jasmin Thorne
Frome convent

I am very interested in any information and photos from kindergarten 1960 upwards, as I was very young and then left to go to Locks Hill Preparatory School in 1965. I also had 3 sisters that attended St Louis Frome.

I now live in Australia and am returning next year to meet former students.

Terry Alex Maine
Glastonbury convent

Hi, I was a pupil at St Louis 1949-1952? I can remember it was the most peaceful time that I had during my whole time in education. The sisters and other staff were wonderful. My grandfather James (Jim) Sandford was a shoe repairer and would do repairs for the sisters on a regular basis.

I have looked out an old photograph of myself in a class of the 50's plus one of my school reports for 1951. I would like to offer copies for inclusion on this site.

Daphne McCutcheon (via facebook)
Minehead convent

I have put a St. Teresa's school picture 1956 on my website, maybe some of you can add some names?

Genevieve Sorensen
Glastonbury convent

I was a pupil at St Louis twice, starting at the age of 3 in Mrs Baxter's class. There was a beautiful dappled rocking horse, and it was here I learned to read with help from Peter and Jane.

I remember we used to walk up the high street to use someone's private swimming pool, and the bell that rang to call us from play being huge. Sister Pauline with the starter gun for sports day, in full robes.

I moved away but rejoined in 1980, in Mrs Fallows class. She was fierce to start with, but ended up being my lifts home.

I remember my class after that only having 8 girls who sat in a horseshoe shape around the teacher, the opening of the science lab, burning a hole in my jumper on the bunsen, playing British bulldog, making kedgeree in cooking, going for chips at lunch, though heavens help you if you were spotted eating in the street, the tightness of the straw boater elastic, the tassel of the beret, looking forward to getting into the yellow checked summer dresses. A barn dance being held in the hall one evening, as well as table top sales, walking with a book on your head, and my affection for Sister Genevieve, with whom I shared a name. Country dancing and so many other things. Now I have started the memories have come flooding back:)

Bernard Squire
Glastonbury convent

I went to St Louis convent school in Glastonbury in the late 1930's and early 1940's. It was a girl's school but catholic boys had to attend (quite different from today). I was approx 4 years old when I started at the school, my sister Brenda was already at the convent being 1 year and 3 months older than me, my young brother Kevin followed.

Mother Orley was to take care of us, as you can see from the photo taken on the Church steps in c1943. I have also sent two other photos, one of a Christmas party with Fr O'Brien c1948 and one on the veranda steps c1950. Lessons at the convent were based on the girls, so boys had to fit in with girl things, knitting, sewing, etc., it was ok as we did not know any different. We learnt to write using chalk and slates. Mum used to prepare lunch in enamel dishes and the nuns would cook them for us. My first class was in the front of the school near the Church, then I moved to the room facing the hall, and as I got older, I moved to the room on the corner upstairs. Mother Annunciata was the teacher, she sat at her raised desk and in the corner behind us was a pedal organ. I remember Malcolm Calder, who came from Bristol, whispered put your hands behind, stupid like I did, he pedals and the noise came out, next thing a book came past my ear which Mother Annunciata had thrown; I can say we never played about again. I can think of lots of little bits that happened, but would be boring.

When I was 6 years old, I had to leave and I joined a school in Street, which had been set up where the Catholic children, who were evacuees from London, were staying because of the War. The nun's headdress had great big wings; our classrooms were in the Street Methodist church room upstairs at the rear. Lunch time we went to the Board school in Street. When the War ended, they returned to London. I then had to go to St Joseph and Teresa's Catholic school in Wells, which was along Union Street. Later, I ended up at St John's C of E school in Glastonbury, as standing in Wells market square amongst the air raid shelter for one and a half to two hours and getting home wet through was not good.

I remember we attended Church in the convent chapel. The Altar was between the two windows, and we Altar boys changed in an alcove at the bottom the the stairs. I remember my mum would push my younger brother in a pram and I had to walk when we went to Baileys, for gloving, and we would walk back past the new Catholic church, my dad was on top of the roof as he was working for the builders. Father Fitzpatrick was a lovely man and loved children as did Father McNamara.

Later the PTA was started, the first classroom we decorated was Mother Patricia's (head mistress) class, our next task was to turn my old classroom upstairs into a library, painting, putting shelves up, etc. I can still feel that book going past my head!!!!

Later on, when my family visited the convent at Minehead, I saw Mother Annunciata and she remembered me even though I had a beard, she was nearly blind but felt my face, and said my name, we had a lovely chat, it was lovely catching up with her and the other nuns, Mother Eugenie, Mother Aimee, Sister Kathleen, Sister St. John, they were and are lovely people.

Josie Pople (Ward/Dineen)
Minehead convent

Hi, anybody out there that was at St Louis Convent Minehead around 1964/65. I am trying to contact (Ann Debono) who was my best friend for the two years that I was there. I would be very grateful for any information from anybody who may know of her or how I could contact her, many thanks.

Susie Chun
Frome convent

I do have school pictures.

I went to St Louis, Frome just around the time the main house was winding down.

Would love to hear from anyone regarding Sisters.... Mary Margaret, Sister Margaret and Sister Elizabeth who was great at sharpening our pencils with her pen knife.!!

Have very fond memories of Father O'Hearn and Aunty Faye, Cheese pie, choc cake and mint custard.... If anyone knows of Sister Josephine.... everything she said/taught/explained/inspired I admire and carry all with me in my life still.. She is one special lady although I was not too keen on the Tanzania project, having the bell fall on my foot or fingers trapped in the door on the way into class with Mrs Wright!!! We did all very much enjoy when sister Jo took her "hat" off for sports day.!!!

If anyone can share/pass on/or help me to contact old class... it would be very appreciated.... Thank you.

Sylvia Grant (Batley Plant)
Minehead convent

Thank you so much for putting me in touch with Valerie Suttle (nee Pickett) after all these years. We have had so much to talk about and plan to meet up next summer.

Both Valerie and I hope that perhaps other classmates, such as Jeannette Hunt, Ann Blagdon, Brenda Langdon, Christine Gilman, Christine Moseley, Josephine Rudd, Marion Braund, Angela Fahy and Cynthia Ellis will recognise our names and contact the School website.

Sylvia Grant (Batley Plant)
Minehead convent

I have just been given an iPad and typed up St Teresa's, Minehead and was so surprised and delighted to see all the messages about the teachers and pupils, who were there at the same time as me! I was especially surprised to see Valerie (Pickett), who was a great friend of mine at the time and who I would love to get in touch with.

Liz Shine
Minehead convent


My friend Breda Hinchion spent 2 years in boarding school and 12 years, from 1958 until 1970, in St. Louis convent as Sr. Breda and Sr. Mary Catherine. We are travelling to Minehead from 19th to 22th Oct for her 70th birthday present and would be delighted to meet anyone who knew Breda. Does anyone remember her and would like to pass on a message to her?

Regards, Liz

Amanda Henwood
Minehead convent

I'm looking for a Mary Coster who went to St Michael convent, Minehead in 1946 as my mother in law was there at the same time. Her name then was Nancey Farrell. It would be lovely to find Mary for her or to know what happened to her.

Thank you

David Buckley
Glastonbury convent

My mother lived here and I was looking to see if there was anyone who knew her in 1937.

Susan Mills (nee Coward)
Minehead convent

I was at St Teresa's for 5 years as a Boarder with my older sister, Lesley Coward, from 1955 - 1960. I was delighted to see Maria Jose on the messages page. I also remember the nuns mentioned but I have not seen mentioned Sister Mary Louise. Does anyone remember her? I remember Ann and Jane Lyle and Rosemary Vellacott who I am still in contact with.

I must look for my old photos for this website.

Janetta Pike Ward
Frome convent

Love to hear from some fellow students Cherry Peet, Maureen Morley, Ann Rainer, or any one who went on the trip to France in 1958.

Janet Bull (ref Florence Prendergast)
Minehead convent

My late mother, Florence Prendergast, was sent to St Louis in Minehead with her sister Julia in 1920 when her mother died. She was 5 and her sister was 9.

The Nuns had a link with the Catholic Church in Vauxhall London (St Annes)and when my grandfather could not cope with his daughters after after the death of his wife the Church helped him send them to Minehead. My mother is in the 1925 picture. My mother was at Minehead until 1934. The medals are given when the girl becomes a child of Mary.

My Mother stayed at the convent until she was 18, but her sister left before her. She made many friends and talked about one in particular Mary Saunders, who was found on the doorstep of the Cathedral in Bristol and sent to the convent to be educated.

Mary (ref Patricia Miller/Albon)
Frome and Glastonbury convent


My mum went to St Louis convent in Frome from around 1939/40, and then around a couple of years later (maybe more, she is 77 now and dates are a bit vague), she went to St Louis convent in Glastonbury as a boarder. Her name at the time would have either been Patricia Millar or Patricia Albon. Does anyone know if there are any records where I can confirm dates and who paid the fees?



Liz Cummins (nee Carter)
Glastonbury convent

Hi, I was at St Louis Convent from 1959 to 1966 - Elizabeth Carter. I started in Kindergarten and moved through to 11 years old when I left to go to Elmhurst. I have very fond memories of my time there as well as some very scary times, for example gymnastics where I was useless. I have long lost touch with any friends I had at school, but would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. I am going to dig out a couple of photos I have and post.

Helen Davis (nee Hackett)
Glastonbury convent

I attended St Louis in Glastonbury between 1974-1976 and my maiden name was Helen Hackett and I lived in Shepton Mallet. Does anyone remember my best friend called Sharon but I can't remember her last name, isn't that terrible!! Does anyone remember her?

Ruby Richards (nee Barr)
Glastonbury convent

Hi everyone

I was a pupil at St Louis Convent in the years 1974 to 1976. My best friend was Verity Hill. If anyone knows her or how I can get in touch with her I would be grateful. I am on the group photo of 1975. My former name was Ruby Barr, so if you can remember me get in touch on Facebook.

Linda Wichelow Ruffolo (nee Warren)
Frome convent

I attended St. Louis Convent in Frome, Somerset.

I was there from 1954/1955 until 1959/1960. I was a day student, started in Mrs. Kite's Kindergarten class and loved it straight away. Reverend Mother was Sister Pat, I remember Sr. Ignatius, a Miss Mansfield and I believe a Miss Roberts.

Back then I was Linda Warren and my Dad had Warren's the Butchers at the top of Catherine Street, the Library was exactly opposite.

I do remember some fellow students, there was a Claire whom I was so jealous of because she took ballet classes, a girl called Grace... no last names unfortunately.

Did anyone go to school in Frome?

Nickie Pearson (nee Fear)
Glastonbury convent

My name is Nickie Pearson, I was known as Nicola Fear. My sister Janet and I went to St. Louis as boarders in 1965 for a few years and our younger sister Danielle also came later for about 1 year.

I remember Sister Alphonse Marie and a piano teacher that walked with a stick also a large family of sisters that were also boarders, I think the surname was Murray. Dannielle was only 3 when she started and the nuns did struggle to cope with her she had a big teddy with bells in his ears, they took the bells out she was very upset.

Anyone remember us?

Amanda Holmes
Glastonbury convent

Saw Rebecca's message - I was at St Louis from 1973 to 1978 - senior school only as was my sister Nicola!

Rebecca Mann (nee Tame)
Glastonbury convent

Just found your page today. I was at St Louis from about 1970 to 1974 when I was Rebecca Tame.

I'll try and look some old photos out.

Laurie Salemohamed (nee McGarry)
Minehead convent

I went to both St Louis Convent, Frome and St Teresa's in Minehead.

I attended St Louis in Frome in 1957 for a year while my mother was ill in hospital. I was seven years old. I stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in a house that was on the edge of the town and was deep in the countryside. I had a very happy year.

In 1964 while my father was stationed in Germany with the British Army of the Rhine, I boarded for the summer term in Frome with my sister Jane. At the end of that term the boarding part of the school was closed, so we were moved to St Teresa's where we stayed until the summer of 1965.

I have fond memories of St Teresa's because while I was there I managed to make some progress with my schoolwork. Mother Aim�e was a wonderful teacher who inspired me with a lifelong love of history. Her accounts of Palmerston's gunboat diplomacy and the rivalry between Gladstone and Disraeli were so vivid, that I can see her holding forth in the classroom in my mind's eye today.

She also taught us French. When we were taking our O level French oral exam, she discovered that the examiner was asking a question about the lilacs which were in a vase in the examination room. She whispered their French name to us just before we went in - lilas!

I have some photographs and will send them to you.

Penny Sewell
Glastonbury convent

I started at St. Teresa's Minehead in 1960, I was Penny Porch in those days. I remember Bonnie Berniaz (we still exchange Xmas cards), Liz Snape, Frances Chesney, Diana Pedrick, Joan McGuinness, Julia Trout, Pauline Trotman and others whose names escape me at the moment. I left in 1964 and went to St Louis in Glastonbury until I left school in 1965.

I was friends with Elvira Del Buono (who is sadly no longer with us), Rosemary Draper & Jill Bush. I also remember Carmen Maritato, Cathy who lived in West Pennard, Janet whose dad owned the garage in Glastonbury and again others whose names escape me (not surprising at 63).

Anyone remember me?

Pauline Rossiter (nee Trotman)
Glastonbury convent

Does anyone remember our school trip to France/Luxembourg/Belgium? In 1964 I think. We stayed in hostel type accommodation. It was pretty basic, especially the food. It was the first time I had eaten natural yogurt and unsalted butter! A few of us went to a hairdressers in Luxembourg and almost missed the coach to our next destination.

Joan Lovell
Minehead convent

I am trying to locate the records of the girls that were at the convent in Minehead in the 1930's, as I am desperately trying to find relatives of my Mother, who due to very sad circumstances has no records of her family/family history, and would very much like to help her get an 'ending' to her tragic story.

Thank you so much.

Kerry Graham
Glastonbury convent

Hi my Gran, Theresa nee Hobbs, is 91 years old and boarded at the convent in the 20's with her sister Lucy. She remembers Mother Sebastian and Sister Louise. Also speaks of Winnie Whitfield who died as a young girl of diphtheria.

Valerie Suttle (nee Pickett)
Minehead convent

I lived in Watchet, my father was in the RAF, my two brothers were in infants school. My friends were Ann Blagdon, Christine Mosely, Janette - I always thought Janette was a trend setter as she had her hair permed, Ann qualified as a nurse the same time as myself. Others I remember are Mavis Gee, Brenda Fly, a Pamela, another Christine who wanted to become a DR, a Doreen ,and of course the Nuns Mother St Gerard, Sister Theresa who was very scared, little Sister Silverstein she served the milk at morning break. I also had another lovely friend named Sylvia Batley Plant, she had a younger sister there. I had to board for my last months and hated it so strict, I was punished for talking in the wash room by banning me from the Sunday walk, but I have some happy memories.

I loved gym, tennis and hockey, netball and rounders and we had gardening. I would love to hear from any of my former class mates.

Sheila Harrington (nee Khullar)
Glastonbury convent

I wonder if anyone remembers my mother's cousin Sr Mary Bernard, who I understand was Mother Superior of one of the convents during 1970s-80s (sadly she passed away around 12 years ago). Although I grew up in Liverpool, I accompanied her to Paris and Vannes convents during one of the summer holidays around 1980 and had a super time. The sisters were so friendly and welcoming and I stayed in touch with some of the sisters for many years. I would love to know if any of them remember me. I am sorry to hear that the convents are no longer open as it would have been nice to visit.

Thank you

Penny Sewell (nee Porch)
Glastonbury convent

I was at Minehead from 1960 to 1964 then went to Glastonbury until I left school at 16 in 1965. I remember Carmen Maritato-we had a holly fight one Christmas (slashing each others legs,probably seemed a fun idea at the time) when I got home & took off my thick blue tights, my legs were covered in bloody pinpricks! I remember Diana Pedrick, Frances Chesney, Pauline Trotman, Bonnie Berniaz (who I'm still in touch with) Julia Trout, Jackie Anderson etc.etc. and Edna Hayes who started with me on the same day at Minehead in 1960 (two very frightened 11 year olds). All these were at Minehead except Carmen who was at Glastonbury along with Elvira Del Buono (who is sadly no longer with us) Rosemary Draper and Jill Bush - us four were pretty inseparable and rather rebellious! Great Days.

Pam Gotham
Minehead convent

I�m looking forward to sharing memories of St Louis convent.

I went to St Teresa�s convent school in 1956, and stayed there until 1960, when I moved on to Minehead Grammar School. I�d love to make contact with any other pupils who were at St Teresa�s around that time. It would also be good to hear from anyone who can give me information about the school building, which was apparently called Blair Lodge before the nuns at St Louis convent took it over.

Joan Gifford (nee Marsh)
Glastonbury convent

I attended the convent school when I was 4 years old until I was 14, being from 1923 until 1933.

I particularly remember the names of two of the 'nuns' who taught me: sisters Aloysius and Sebastian, and also Miss Farrell - a lay teacher who later joined the order, as St Patricia, who subsequently became Headmistress at St Louis convent Glastonbury, and eventually Mother Superior at Frome convent. My favourite subject was sports : being netball and rounders, although I did quite like English lessons!

I can also remember what I call the 'tin church' and Fr Burdett, Glastonbury's first parish priest. I also recollect the days in the 1930s, when Mass was offered in Strode school in Leigh road, Street, and later in a room belonging to 'Grooms the grocers' ,opposite what is now the 'Wessex Hotel'?; Also in the 1950/60s, when a coach transported parishioners from Street and Ashcott to Sunday Mass at St Mary's, making church-going something of a social event for families.

Maria Jose López de Ayala León
Minehead convent

I am so happy to have found your web site, so many nice things to remember!!

I went to St. Louis Convent in Minehead in 1956 to 1960 as a boarder. I went every summer from May to end of September to learn English, for I come from Spain. I remember very well Sister Mary Bernard, who was a mother for me, I was just 5 years old, she could talk Spanish. Also Sister Mary Fimber, Mother St. Gerard and Mother Theresa. Also the boarders, including Susan Coward, Jane and Ann Lyle. I have uploaded some photos to the Facebook page too. If someone from those days remembers all this, please get in touch. Regards Maryjo - that's how everyone use to call me in Minehead.

Tanya Hill (nee Stone)
Glastonbury convent

For all of you who attended the Helen Hillard school of Dance I have uploaded one of her shows to you tube. The sound quality is pretty poor but your ears soon adjust (kind of). There are 5 parts in total. ENJOY :D

Paula Hagan
Minehead convent

I have very fond memories of St Louis Convent in Minehead. I visited initially as a prospective postulant. I remember Sister Mary Bernard with great affection. In 1973 I looked after the sick Sisters for one week in summer along with my sister-in-law Carole as we are both trained nurses. I also met with Sister Mary Bernard when she visited Liverpool in 1986. I am so sad the Convent has closed.

Helena Hibberd (nee Bryant)
Frome convent

Me and my sister Jeannette both went to St Louis convent in Frome between 1959 and 1964. I started in the kindergarden and my teacher was Mrs Kite. Mother Pat was Mother Superior and then Mother Gerard. I remember Sr Ignatious, Sr Audrey & Mother Joseph, Sr Mary Peter, and Mother Gabriel. For year 2, I would have been 7.

I also remember Miss Murphy who took religion for Catholics, she scared me and Mrs Ferguson who was my form mistress I think.

Margaret Holme
Glastonbury convent

I am interested in contacting one of my ex pupils - Judith Bowers as I have become very interested in her great grandfather ???? "Birdie" Bowers of the Antarctic and I remember her showing me letters and papers about him. Sadly, at the time I did not recognise the significance of the papers.

However, now I know what a hero and truly remarkable man he was. So, Judith, if you read this, please e mail me. I would love to know where you are. We met, once, briefly in a shop in Bath. You probably won't remember. I now live in Portugal.

Sean Miller (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Making dens on the school field... now that IS a memory I have... knocking down the stinging nettles at the edges and creating little hidey-holes!! Years before "Changing Rooms", of course, St. Louis had its own Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen in Mike Free, who turned the stage in the school hall into a Heath-Robinson type of theatre (with a wooden platform on the left hand side looking in and complex lighting rig) and the old laundry building into a rather bizarre science lab come changing room complex, complete with in-built Rolling Stones music system.

The "run down barn" was turned into the science/maths block by Mike who left it unfinished. It was a sad day when Mike left. The thing was only half-finished, so the nuns got "proper builders" in, Mr McPherson (his replacement) to finish it, which was unfortunate. Instead of MDF and chipboard the changing rooms ended up made with breeze blocks and sensible stuff... not nearly as much fun! ... all disappeared soon after, of course, when the nuns sold the school to Millfield and the fields (and "run down barn") to Safeway for a new supermarket.

Samantha Gaitch (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi Lottie and the rest of you. What fantastic memories you are conjuring. I remember making dens on the school field and making a haunted house in the run down barn. I left in 1981 but have wonderful memories of St Louis. The little staircase that led upstairs from the art room and cake sales

Jo Shepherd (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

I would like to know if anyone has any memories of my late mother Jennifer Shepherd known as Jenny Shepherd who taught in the Senior School in about 1976/1977.

Lotty Merry (nee Godfrey, via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi my name was Lotty Godfrey back then and I went to the Convent school after St Johns in from about 1979 - 82 my brother Henry was also there.

In my class were Julie Hembrow, Julie Brocklehurst, Tara Kerr, Catherine Miller, Johnathan Herbert, Daniel Brooks (whose mum did art) & Victoria Turner Welsh who was a year above - we used to play ponies alot :)

Remember Mrs Fallows HUGE dog, doing Christmas school plays (a Russian version I think), and playing in the field that is now Morrisons. Sliding down the ice slick, after spending hours polishing it and collecting crisp packets to get badges, and having Mike Free for one year of Maths, Sister V always wagging her finger.

Also, my dad was the architect for the New Door to the road.

Karen Hook (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

I was Karen Culliford and attended the school definitely in 1969 as I am in the large school photo

My Nan and Grandad were the licencees of the Rose and Crown pub in the High Street in Glastonbury and my cousin is Mandy Cooper

my best friends were Nicola and Lesley Hinde.

Carmen Barrett
Glastonbury convent

I attended St Louis in the 50s and 60s I would like to contact old friends. Also I have forgotten a lot about my past and hope by joining I will remember things.

Tony House
Frome convent

Perhaps anyone can help with the below as it might lay a few ghosts.

I was born in Frome 1944 and must have attended around 1947 / 1950 (ish) may be later??. Honestly cannot remember.

I was there because my father was hit and run-over / killed by an American jeep near Frome (father delivering telegrams to an RAF base in Warminster on a motorbike) some months before I was born, this put my mother into shock and she died a year or two after, meaning my two sisters and I were split-up and some-how I finish-up attending Frome convent even though I am C of E???

The only thing I remember about the school (and others might too) is that I "Twiddled" my hair and one of the sisters use to tie a ribbon in it and make me stand at the front of the class as a punishment, which of course, as an already traumatised kid, made it worst.

The rest of my school days there are a blur, I just remember I was very unhappy (not unsurprisingly) and vaguely remember my antagonist - the name of Sister Pat, but there again my own sister is named Pat so more confusion?

I was fostered by Frome people called Lewis who made up for the bad start with "LOVE".

The rest is history, as they say. Married / mortgage and kids, and loving every minute of it.

Would like to hear from anyone who went to Frome convent too.

Maria Grazia Maritato
Glastonbury convent

I was at St Louis convent in Glastonbury from 1964 to 1974, and I would like to find people like Rosemary Hopkins - she was my best friend.

Edward Maheady
Glastonbury convent

My mother was brought up in the orphanage/convent in Glastonbury from a very young age. The first memories she has from there are when she was four. She was born in April 1932 and was at the place in Glastonbury till she was around 12 then moved to the one in Minehead. She left the convent in 1950.

She knows nothing at all about her family and why she was left at the orphanage. I was wondering if anyone has any information as to how maybe I may be able to trace former pupils, or details of entrants to the schools. Also, she has a photo from St Louis dated July 1937. I will let you have the photo to add to your site, and see if anyone comes forward that had family there at that time. The photo has 45 pupils, 3 Nuns and three other adults that I assume were teachers.

Michelle Addison (nee Whalley)
Minehead convent

I was a boarder at Minehead but sadly have no photographs of my time there, but lots of memories. I have not kept in touch with any of my fellow classmates or boarders.

Sister Aimee was the Head Mistress, a very stern German nun, but fair. Mother Mary was in charge of the boarders, a lovely nun, very caring and loving.

Elizabeth Brett
Frome convent

I'm looking for information about my sisters and brother Mary, Margaret, George and Dorothy Burnett. They were sent to Frome convent during the war and returned to London probably 1946/47. I would be grateful for any info, ages, dates etc.

Minehead convent

Would anyone know where the adoption records for Minehead convent from 1946 to 1948 could be found.

Richard & Elinor Samuel
Minehead convent

We are trying to make contact with anyone who has memories/information about a Belgian lady who was a good friend of the Sisters at the Minehead Convent from the time they arrived until when she died in 1932; this we have learnt from her obituary in the West Somerset Free Press & from the Clifton Diocesan archivist. Her name was Baroness Marie de Taintegnies. Her home at Clevelands, Minehead, is where we now have a flat, hence our interest. She was a colourful local character by all accounts.

We'd love to hear from anyone who can help us in our search, particularly with a photograph of the lady.

Thank you for any help you can give us.

Graham Edward George McQuillam
Minehead convent

My mother was sent to the convent in 1932 as her parents were in service. Her name then was Georgina Beatrice Cathcart. Her parents were James Joseph and Mary Ann Cathcart. Does anyone still have any records of that time or were they all destroyed. I have holy pictures and prayer cards given to my mother as gifts when she left in 1942. My mother died three years ago this month after a painful infection. It would be nice to find that there are such records but in any case please offer a prayer for her on the 31st March, the third anniversary of her death.

Thank you and God Bless

Victoria Taylor (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi everyone, my name was Victoria Hughes.

I went to the convent from 1978 to 1982 In my class was Sam Earner, Domonic Crowley, Timothy Adams, Sean Miller, Nelson Gillard, Judith Selway, Sarah Preece, Louisa Freeman, Joanne Brooke, Lisa Antonnelo, Tracy Wall, Briony Hicks, Alexia Rennericca, Suzanne Preece, Shirley Locke..., Janet Brocklehurst, Julie Vincent, Ruth Chant and Lisa Bennam! It would be great to hear from any of you!

Nicki Favell (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi, does anyone still see Simon Ruddle - would love to get in touch again x x

Alyson Mickleburgh (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi everyone.

I was at St Louis from about 1967 til about 1971. I was Alyson Mickleburgh and was in the same year as Suzanne Lacy, Francine Stainthorpe, Luisa DeGregorio, Barbara Bould, Jackie Squire, Susan Tatchell, Neil Picton, Paul Everard. I am still in touch with Mrs Cooke-Fox and she's still as lovely as ever.

I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me :)

Eleanor Stewart-Richardson
Glastonbury convent

I was at the school for approx 1 year as was my brother Peter 4 years younger than me so just a little boy. Mother Aimee was Head Mistress. My mother, Mary Stewart taught at the school and there was an Irish teacher, I think called Bernie Mitchell, who was great friends with my mother.

I had previously been a pupil at La Retraite convent Burnham-on-Sea. I didn't settle very well at St Louis, which in retrospect was a shame, as Mother Aimee tried very had to help me adapt. In the event I was only there for a brief period, but I would love to hear from people who may remember my mother, she died in 2003 aged 91.

Ella Childs Churchill
Minehead convent

My mother and her younger sister were sent to Minehead in 1922 for “my mother's health”. They were 2 of 8, and later my mum told me that she was sent because the parish priest thought she was lying about taking a book, and her parents wouldn't discipline her.

She was 9 years old and only saw her parents in the summer, when they came for a working vacation gathering hops.

I remember her talking about "ma"- Mother St Ephram. When my mother left school at 16, she was required to stay on and work in the laundry, a year for each year she had been there. I can not say whether this was a good experience on not, but I do think that not being around her mother had a definite impact on how she interacted with her own children. Living in a convent and being raised by nuns is very different from growing up in your family.

Now, my mother is 96 and suffers from dementia. Her name is Florence Violet Riordan, and her sister was Ivy Riordan. My mum met my father, a widower, through his 3 daughters who were sent to Minehead as it wasn't appropriate at that time for a widower to raise young girls. Their names were Jill, Betty and Audrey Childs.

Lisa Bridges (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi this is Lisa Again.

I was in on the prank with Dee to be in the Photo twice, however one of the nuns got wind of it and made me sit in the chairs at the front - bummer.

Also hello to Emma I remember your name I was friendly with Rebecca Brown me and Dee use to Cycle out to her place and swim in her pool.

Emma Dockerill (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi! Great FB Group!

I was at a party in West Sussex last week and bumped into Lotty Godfrey!

I was at St Louis between about 1978 - 1981 ish and was known as Emma Gower-Smith. I remember Mrs Cooke-Fox, Mrs Fallows, Sister Veronica... Rebecca Rees-Brown... Wasn't there alot of Double Barrelled names at that time! x

Dee Eaton (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Lisa sent me this link, I (Dee Gamble) went to the convent from 1972-1981.

Funnily enough I found one of those long photos the other day. I remember the camera moved around very slowly and I wanted to try and stand at one end then run behind everyone and pop up on the other end... so getting in the photo twice!

Nick Howes (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent


Nick Howes born 1974, lived West Pennard. Had lots of lego, liked the Titanic, SS Great Britain, Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy.

Classes I was in:

Sept 79 - July 80, Sept 80 - July 81 form 1, July 81 - Sept 82 Mrs Beardsmore form 2, Sept 82 - July 83 Miss Smith form 3; horse riding, morse code in the science hut, trips to Stourhead, Watchet-Minehead by diesel railcar, Lynmouth rocks railway, Colston hall; dens and mazes in the field, the tramp behind the altar; long hedge in the playground, the red brick wall separating the nunnery.

I remember Marc Rossiter, Baltonsborough, had lots of action men, Oliver Taylor, Ferryman Rd, liked convoy, Samuel Kears, Butleigh Rd flats, Simon Brunt, Street, friends with Robert Ball, Neil Hill, Nicholas Brown, Anthony Jenkins, Matthew (after school in cardboard boxes in the shop behind the high street next to my dads) and sister Lucy Barlett, James Hedges from Bridgwater. Canadian sister in pale blue dress tunic.

Minehead convent

Does anyone know where there might be records of the children who were in in the orphanage of the convent in Minehead.


Valerie Hughes (nee Snook)
Minehead convent

I have just seen the photo at St. Louis Convent, Minehead taken 1925; these would have been 'St. Louis' girls since St. Teresa's School was not founded looks like a very young Mother St. Gerard -standing 2nd. row (from top) who founded St.T's. I think the 'medals' on light blue ribbons could have been 'Children of Mary', but do not know what that meant; I think it only applied to St. Louis girls.

Also, I really would love to know whether anyone has expressed any knowledge of me!!!!

Janet Seary
Glastonbury convent

Hello all,

In the picture, dated by Michael McKay as 1954, Christmas ballerinas, I am the middle girl of the three on the right hand side of the carriage. I remember Jonquil Sweet as one of my favourite friends. My family emigrated to Canada, so I left St Louis in 56 but loved it and always had fond memories.

Charlotte [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent


I'm Charlotte James and went to St Louis Convent from 1982-1984.

Would love to be a part of the group - saw the message from Sister Lise and would like to get in touch.

Many thanks

Marie-Sophie G Howard
Frome convent

Hello, I was attending Frome convent school there between 1959-1962, under the maiden name Marie-Sophie Geoffrey. Placed there while dad was a liaison officer at Military camps at Warminster Wilshire. Kept incredible memories of my time spent there with younger sister Colette Geoffrey before returning to France. I would love it anyone could retrieve pictures of us two during those years at the school.

Catherine Davies van Zoen (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi, I was Cathy Higgins, my parents had the P.O. stores in West Pennard. I was at St Louis in 1964 & 1965. Now 63 and wondering where the years went!!

Nicki Favell nee Johnson (via facebook)
Glastonbury convent

Hi, just joined the facebook group...

I was in the same year as Helen Palmer, Amanda Holmes, Hilary Manning etc, look forward to another reunion at some point in the future...

Ian Morley [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Not sure if anyone remembers me, I was a small blond haired kid who played a lot of sport during my two years attending St Louis - I left at Easter in 1982 (just before my 9th birthday) - and from what memories I have left of being a kid I spent lots of break times collecting footballs from the garden! Now happily settled in Hong Kong with a wife and English Bulldog called Napoleon, I took my sporting interests onwards after leaving Glastonbury and for a number of years wanted to be a professional cricketer. Despite making it to representative level a few times I failed to make it to the top level but I'm happy with my lot and am always informed by my Mother each time I go home of one of the Sisters who said I would be a writer - I'm now a professor of Urban History with a number of publications behind me!

For any of you who remember me then by all means keep in touch via this group of by other means (e.g. Facebook).

Peter Robins
Minehead convent

My mother Berthan Mitchell was born in 1909. For reasons unknown, she was placed in St Mary's Catholic Orphanage for Girls, Brook Green, Hammersmith. Sometime, between 1913 and 1921, when the orphanage closed, she, possibly along with some others, was transferred to live in the orphanage at St Louis convent, Minehead. She worked in the laundry and left in 1930 when she was 21. She returned to London.

When I was a child, we did visit someone who had been at St Louis' with my mother and was then living in Gloucestershire. I'm afraid I can only remember her name was Winifred, but I have some photos of her.

I had some correspondence with Sr Mary Bernard at St Louis' in 1989, in an attempt to trace any records, but was told that if there were any extant, their location was unknown. They are not in the Somerset Record Office.

I have four photos. One is a 'school' group from about 1925, guessing the age of my mother in the photo. There are two of the same nun, one dated 1919 and another 1934. My mother married in 1933 and perhaps had written to,or visited, the nun to tell her. The photo, captioned 'Juin 1934' was perhaps sent in return. The other photo is a half-length portrait of Bertha in the convent uniform, aged about 10-12, perhaps on admission. I will send you these.,

In regard to the book, 'Around Minehead', the author, Joan Astell, thinks the portrait and group photos may have been taken by Alfred Vowles who also photographed the laundry reproduced in the book. Joan says his collection of photos is in the Somerset Record Office (Code A/BMS Accession Ref:G/3629). These can be seen by appointment. I haven't had the chance to follow this up, but perhaps some interested party could do so. There may be a cache on Minehead, Frome and Glastonbury. Joan has personal memories of the orphans collecting and delivering laundry in Minehead. I can let you have her address if useful.

I should be pleased to learn any information anyone can add.

Theresa Christine Wood nee Murray
Frome convent

The Murray clan included:- Veronica, myself, Louise and Danielle, the complete choir of 4 for midnight mass, together with Sr Joseph, remembering she had an index finger missing. I remember Christine Warwick-Smith and the two sisters, who were weekly boarders. The dormotory of 10 beds, and the sight of a nun in white bonnet and carrying a candle, waking us all up in an effort to find out WHO was coughing.

Suzi [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Hello! I was a border in the late 50s - a truly traumatic time in my life. I would love to reconnect with my past and maybe lay some ghosts.

Glastonbury convent

1970s Christmas Nativity play photo - some names:

Back row

Deanna Rogers, ?, Sally Andrews, Rebecca Lazenby, Frances Bell, Mandy Salmon,?,?

Middle Row

Donna ?, ?, Rebecca Barker, ?,?, Bridget Forbes

Middle row - skip to right to boy under last angel on right.

Thomas Greene, Vincent Ianelli, William Forbes, ?,?,?

Maureen Keen (nee Foley)
Glastonbury convent

I absolutely loved my time at St Louis from 1957 - 1965 however was very traumatised by the dreaded Mother Veronica. My childhood was filled with many an agonising moment worrying that she would catch me in the wrong shoes indoors! I am delighted to see the Mother Eugene kindergarten photograph and still remember her as a wonderful introduction to life at school. Does anyone know where Carmel Evans is now?

Monica Watkins (nee Flynn)
Minehead convent

My father was stationed at RAF Yeovil and we went to Minehead Convent - Pauline, Monica (me), Olive and my brother Dermot. We used to travel from the RAF camp by bus (about an hour) to Minehead Convent.Hope this is the right Convent - is there a register you can check.

I think we would have gone to the Kindergarten. I remember walking across the field pass the wallnut tree to go to the church or there was a long way out by the road. My best friend was Sally (cant remember any second names or anyone else) - her sister was an actress and used to play the daughter in the Mother Larkins series. It was a very happy time. I've just turned 60, started my education in Germany, then at about 6 years old I attended about 1956/57, then moved to Oxfordshire.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who might remember any of the Flynns.

Christine Lovell
Glastonbury convent

I would love to get some messages from any of you out there I loved being at school and yes I can remember you carmen maretato and so many more I am ao sorry that the convent has closed down I would have loved to have sent my children there.

Chris Anderson
Glastonbury convent

I have some pictures from my St Louis days. Also I'm 99% sure that I am sat on the front row, first on the left in the 1977 school photo. I also played Joseph in the Nativity circa 1978. Older people of Glastonbury will remember my parents. They owned Anderson Foodmarkets in the town, Bob and Grace Anderson. I have been doing a nostalgia trip, as sadly both my parents passed away suddenly in 2007 (Mum) and 2008 (Dad).

This site is brilliant. What memories. I'm going to check facebook now too...

Isobel Marshall
Glastonbury convent

I worked at the convent in Glastonbury as a playground assistant (about 1981) and then took over the cooking of the nuns midday meal when sister Yvonne left to go back to the convent in Vannes to be near her elderly mother.

My two daughters, Margaret and Clare, also attended the school between about 1979 and 1982.

Can anyone tell me if the convent at Vannes is still there? It's some twenty seven years since I last saw sister Yvonne but would love to go over and see her if the convent is still in Vannes. Bernadette worked with her a lot at the time and I think that she was probably quite upset when Sister Yvonne went back to France.

Nicki Favell [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Just found this site and a few familiar names. Long time ago now, had a look at the photos and really good to see some old friends. Living in Leicestershire but soon to relocate to somerset, Burnham on sea When's the next reunion?? not been to one yet...

I was at the convent from 1972 - 1978.

Katrina Jackson [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I was a pupil at St Louis from 1973 till 1977. I have very happy memories of the school.

Bob Firth [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I attended St Louis Convent School from roughly 1952 to approx 1957 - I am keen to hear from anyone who was there during the time

Jo Parsons
Glastonbury convent


I can identify some of the pupils/teachers in the 1984 class and school photograph, (one of them is me!). I also have some old photographs of the St. Louis summer fete.

Julia Evans
Glastonbury convent

Dear Friends of St. Louis Convent

We purchased Magdalene House in Nov 2008 and have replaced/increased the period features in the building. We love living here and wondered if you could let us have any information particular to Magdalene House - for instance did anyone actually live/sleep in the attic part of the house (to the front of the building) I'd like to say again how happy we are to be fortunate enough to live in such a lovely home.

Tanya Hill (nee Stone)
Glastonbury convent

I have uploaded the 1980 Easter Songs of Praise video clip, showing pupils from St Louis and St Dunstans singing in St Johns church, Glastonbury, to the St Louis facebook site.

I am in the process of scanning and saving my school photos to my laptop. As soon as I've done them all I'll let you know. I'm also converting all my Helen Hillard dance production videos to dvd. They may be of interest as she used to hold classes at the convent in the school hall. It might take me a while as I'm learning how to do this from scratch. (I got my brother, who incidently is a past St Louis pupil, to do all the hard work with the songs of praise video). Thanks

(We have added three stills from this video to this website)

Sean Miller
Glastonbury convent

Just to let anyone know that I have uploaded the complete morning service from St Mary's church in Glastonbury (Google Video), which was broadcast on Sunday December 21st 1987.

Janice White (nee Osborne)
Glastonbury convent

What a find - lovely memories of a happy school life. I have lived in Glastonbury all of my 63 years and would love to hear from any of you who remember me and who have moved away. Does anyone know where Mirium Lerman is now? She lived in Bridgwater and I often wonder where she is now.

Charmian Brownrigg
Glastonbury convent

Hi, I was at the convent in Glastonbury in the 1960s. I remember Mother Mary Louis, Ma Ingatus (as I called her) Mother Theresa & many more. My best friends were Sheridan Webb, Janice Weavand & Lucia Rheina. Strangly I have fond memories of the Glastonbury convent & when I got married it was the convent concert hall that played host to my wedding reception & Mother Veronica was a part of that. If anyone remembers me or has pictures of that time please contact this website.

Judith Abloso

I wish to contact Rev. Sr. Mairin Barrette, She worked in Ghana at the St.Louis Sec School in Takoradi (Now Known as the Archbishop Porter Girls Secondary school.)

I know she came to the Convent in Surrey in the early 80s. She teaches Enlish and RK. I miss her. Please help me to get in touch.


Carmen Maritato
Glastonbury convent

I don't know if anyone remembers me, I was at the Glastonbury convent during the 1950s and 60s.

Lisa Keirle (nee Hoskins)
Glastonbury convent

I attended St Louis from 1975. I had an older brother Gary Hoskins. My Mum Marlene Hoskins also attended St Louis.

Jane Hulin (nee Wiltshire)
Frome convent

I was at at Frome for only one year I was 6 years old, my brother and sister were also there. My sister was there for two years she was 11 my brother was 10.

Marie Burgess
Glastonbury convent

My mum is looking for Valerie Eglen, Paula Eglen and Jaqueline Eglen, who attended the Glastonbury Convent during the 1950's. If anyone can help please can you contact me through this website.

Thank you

Josephine Pople (nee Ward)
Minehead convent

Hi, anybody out there who was at St Louis Convent Minehead, 1964/65 would love to hear from you, especially Ann debono who was my friend when I was there, hope to hear from you, Josie.

Patricia Lawrence (nee Zajac)
Frome convent

I was a boarder at the Frome Convent between 1958 and 1962. I am sorry to hear that it has since closed, as I have been meaning to visit for some time. I wondered if you have any other previous Boarders contact you for those years.

Pauline Rossiter (nee Trotman)
Glastonbury convent

I loved my time at St Louis, except netball which I hated. Indoor "shoes" were also unpleasant - smelly daps! Tuck shop was great. Lunches weren't so good. I was in St Dunstan's house. Does anyone remember me?

Jennifer Alphonse
Glastonbury convent

Brought back very happy memories of my first year in the UK from Singapore. My sister Kathleen and I were boarders for a term from May 1966 to July 1967 I think. A culture shock at the time but lovely when I recall those days. Went back to see m.Collette many years ago: glad I saw her and a chance to walk around the garden. I finished school at St. Mary's, Cambridge and a schoolmate's mother and Aunt had gone to St. Teresa's too-amazing! Happy to hear from anyone there at that time who remembers Kate or me.

Philippa Densley
Glastonbury convent

I have some very vivid memories of St Louis, the main one being Mrs Rose expertly diving into the small pool of Strode Pool at Street to rescue one child who submerged for the third time with her hand in the air!!!

My class were Susan Tatchell, etc and of course the late Cassie Edwards, very fondly remembered. I travelled on the bus from Shepton Mallet with Beverley and Maxine Green and I think Sally Pritchard used to get on at Wells. Got told off one day for girlie talking on the bus about one old lady that got on with twitchy lips that we used to call twitchums!!! Those were the days!!

Tracy Williams (Wall) [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Thank you for uploading the pics of the new houses on the former convent site. They look very impressive but I believe they have yet to be sold. In answer to your question - the veranda room, if I remember correctly, was the staff room in the 70s and 80s. The music room was to the right of the main stairs overlooking Magdalene Street. Does anyone else remember appearing on Songs of Praise one year? It was filmed at St John's Church in Glastonbury. I'll see if I can find out the date.

It's lovely to read the messages from past pupils and find out more about the school's history.

Best wishes

Lisa Bridges
Glastonbury convent

I was so excited to see that sister Lisa had written as I was only thinking about her and the other nuns last week when he Pope visited Sydney - which was lots of fun in town. I hope she has forgiven me for my various mis-demeanors at the convent.

Hello Tracy. I was also in the Songs of Praise with the convent choir. I was the year below Cassey Edwards and was also a friend of hers - she had the best sense of humour. Its great to check in to the site every now and then and see who has posted a message - and by the way it is literally freezing here in Sydney today got to 0 degrees.

Sister Lise Barbeau, Former Headmistress from 1978 until 1984
Glastonbury convent


I just learnt about this website and visited it for the first time. I am here in England from Canada on holiday and I am coming to Glastonbury on my way to Minehead. How much I would love to meet some of my former pupils but it is too short of notice to arrange a meeting. I am sorry about the lateness. Thanks for your help and the hope it gave me to meet some of my Glastonbury pupils after 24 years.

It could not be helped in the circumstances. Had I been aware of the site before I came to England, I would have proceeded differently. It would have been great to meet some of my past pupils but if it cannot be, I can make up by writing a little piece later on.

Please let all those you meet at your next old girls meeting know that I do not forget the marvellous years I spent in Glastonbury. We can keep in touch and when I return to Montreal, I will write a message for the website.

Sheridan Curtis (Webb)
Glastonbury convent

I couldn't believe when I found this site. It certainly has brought back memories. I started at Kindergarten in Frome and boarded then when Mother Pat and Sr Ignatius went to Glastonbury I followed as they practically brought me up. My nickname from Mother Pat was Scallywag as I was always up to mischief. I left around 1966 when the boarding school was closing and moving over to Minehead. By that time I had enough of boarding. I remember coming back from the summer holidays and most of the senior girls had become novices - it frightened me to death thinking my turn next there was no way I was going to be a nun.

I remember Pauline from Bridgwater, Bridget and Ita and I just cant remember my other friend's name, her father taught at Millfield. Sister Josephine, who was boarding with me at the time I was at Glastonbury, became Head Teacher at Frome and Mother Pat came back and they taught my children which was really weird.

I remember the dormitory in Glastonbury was overlooking the main street and looking onto the Abbott's kitchen, I think there were 8 of us in the dorm. I was always up to mischief either having midnight feasts or just giggling and getting caught in the middle of night and then having to go to chapel and say a few hail mary's for my penance. Father MacNamara was a great guy he used to take mass in the school chapel and have breakfast with us afterwards, and I remember those mornings we had a cooked breakfast and he would steel our sausages, and there was a lot more laughter. I used to have to clean one of the classrooms at night and the main school stairs. At the weekend I had to polish and dust the main staircase in the convent above the chapel and I helped clean the chapel as well, which included doing all the silver. I remember a lot of housework!! I used to sing in the choir and Sister Veronica used to be very strict and made us sing full throttle over the balcony in the church, I had quite a good voice in those days and sang many songs at various events in the main hall plus I enjoyed doing drama. I was really good at sports and at one time thought I would become a sports teacher.

Mother Peter and Sister Mary Louise were also at Glastonbury at the time I was there. I didn't get away with anything when they were around. I think I was just lucky that Mother Pat felt I could do no wrong and saw the mischievousness in me and I got away with blue murder.

I had a school reunion in Frome a few years ago which was great, and I would like to go to Glastonbury again. So if any chances come up for a reunion between girls, and a couple of boys I remember - Richard, Malcolm and Christopher, can't remember their surnames, who were there from around 1962 to 1966, that would be great. Although the time seemed quite tough and my life was spent either at boarding school or with my grandparents in Germany I know that it gave me a very good start in life and taught me many things which I am very grateful for. I would love to hear from anyone who went to Frome or Glastonbury. I would love to know where Sally Davis is, as a group of us in Frome lost touch with her some years ago.

Cathy Harding

You have put together a wonderful website commemorating the work of the Sisters of Charity of St. Louis and the work they did in education. I enjoyed this very much. I went to school in Wilcox, Saskatchewan (Notre Dame College) in the early 60s and the Sisters of St. Louis were my teachers at that time. Wonderful educators, musicians, athletes, artists. I haven't been able to find any of them for years. Your website and pictures brought back a lot of nice memories of my school days here in Canada. I enjoyed reading many of the student stories. So many of their antics made me remember and laugh. And so many of their aspirations and what they turned out to be - that also made me remember and smile and feel grateful for the discipline. Today, I am a teacher.

Thank you so much for sharing your memories.

Nargis Walker (nee Lal)
Glastonbury convent

I was at St Louis Convent, Glastonbury from the age of 4 to 6, 1968 - 1970. I would love to hear from anyone in my class. The only full name I can remember is Simon Talbot. I remember many of my friends at the school, including Paul Roebuck (in a higher form). I would love to have some information on school reunions. Also, was I the first Asian pupil at the school? My parents were Indian and Muslim. It was quite unusual, I think!

Many thanks

Glastonbury convent

I just found your site in Google - I was at St Louis Convent for a couple of years from 82ish to 84, and have managed to dig out some old class and school photos. They are both from 1984, and show the whole school, and Mrs Beardsmore's (?) class. I remember hardly anything from my time there, as I would have been 6 or 7 at the time. My parents and I moved to Cambridgeshire that year, and I totally lost contact with all of my classmates. It would be interesting if any of them visit the site and recognise themselves!

Joseph Hubert
Glastonbury convent

My sister Barbara Hubert attended the Glastonbury convent from 1928 until 1944. I have an old photo taken about 1932, taken in the gardens to the rear of the school.

Michael McKay [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

My sister, Nadia, told me about the site. It is very good and many thanks to those who have put so much work into it. The 1950s photo was the Christmas pantomime of 1954, I believe. I think it was Snow White but cannot remember, perhaps Cinderella. I am seated 3rd from left. The names I can remember are: Mostyn Norton on my right. Christopher March (I think), the first boy seated on the right side of the carriage. Back row second from left, Pam Short;seventh from left by the rear wheel of the carriage, Patricia Carter; extreme right back row could be Josephine Grant; back row third from right could bed Jonquil Sweet. It's all a long time ago.

Glastonbury convent

My late mother, Mary Alves, went to the school until 1930. It is not absolutely impossible that she is the child shown in the photo with the two nuns � it certainly looks rather like her. She lived on Bere Lane. She wasn�t Catholic but insisted on going to the school � she might have been a founder pupil.

If I find any relevant material I will contact you.

Luci Fairbrother (nee Austin) [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Would love to hear from/about others from my era. I was there (with my sister Emma) until Millfield bought it then my little brother went to the pre-prep too.

Lisa Bridges [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Hi I was at St Louis Convent Glastonbury from 1973 I think age 8 until 1981 when the senior year finished for good we were the last senior year there. I loved going to St Louis and had lots of great friends who I still am in contact with as I now live in Australia in the wild bush of the Byron shire NSW. My best friend at school was Dee Gamble and she was head girl and I am still great mates with her. I got the nick name tichy senior which was kinda cute and friends with a lot of the younger kids as well.

I saw that Sam Earner had a message on the board hi Sam. I used to love playing british bull dog and for a while there we played girls verses boys rugby, too physical, too fun and so that was soon banned. I used to also take kids on tours of the cellars, down those sweeping stairs and up into the attic. Got caught once by Sister? name escapes me but she used to wear a wig and came from Canada and was very sweet. I was just closing the attic door when she caught me, of course every one else had scarpered "Lisa, have you just been in the attic" shutting the door and looking dusty "no, Sister", "thats good run along".

Poor Sister Aimee, I set the alarm clock on her lesson once and she marched us all down to the play ground as she thought that it was a fire drill. No one dobbed me in though, and she never did figure it out or so I thought. Sister Francis Teresa or Sister fanny T as we named her use to always say to me as I was always in trouble and being sent to the head amazed at not being expelled, she said "many good thing come in small packages, so does poison". Anyway, we made friends after school, as I used to go and cook for the nuns on a Tuesday when I was 18-19 when the convent closed.

I got completly knocked unconcious once in the playground, every one was screaming "she's dead etc", that's when I got to find out about the smelling salts in the cabinet by the staff room. One wiff of those babies and you really got knocked about, soooo I took excursions with unsuspecting kids to the cabinet to smell the salts, wammo and they were down on the ground, yes I was a horror and now I openly apologise to all those who suffered. Anyway could go on have a bag of stories but would love to talk to anyone who remembers me.

Gloria Mans (nee Treloar)
Glastonbury convent

I recognise some of the early 50's photos: one of the Ballet Dancers? It was a school Christmas play I think. I was a primrose (who lost her cap before stage entrance. My mother frantically tried to find it, but it was chaos). My lines: 'I think he's rather nice you know, in fact I'd like him for my beaux'! (To a bluebell played I believe by someone called Malcolm). In the picture I think I am the one standing on the far right alomost out of camera. My best friend was Mary Davis (I think she is the blonde one sitting in the front with her arms folded) and we were always told off by Mother Eugenie for giggling too much.

To this day I remember wanting to go to the loo and not being allowed to and having an accident in class which cost many tears. Not a good memory but there were others that were good. The penny buns; Miss Mansfield and games (she was adorable.) The nuns scared me at first and made such a great impression that I remember the black boots and rosaries to this day. I remember Carol van Rynan being shut in the Church as a form of punishment for not paying for lighting candles - threepence as I remember. I remember egg and spoon races and rounders. Learning to read which I enjoyed immensely and the dap cupboard! It was stuffed full and nobody ever knew which were theirs, or was it just me?

I love this site and it has brought back a different world to the one we live in today. Does anyone know of Mary Davis, I would like to make contact if they do. Oh! and I remember the bell, who could ever forget it and a tabernacle one Christmas which held me spellbound.

Did I enjoy my time at St.Louis Convent? Yes, I believe I did.

I am so, so sad to see its demise.

Valerie Hughes (nee Snook)
Minehead convent

As Valerie Snook I was a boarder at St. Teresa's, Minehead (1945-1950) and have very happy memories of my time there. Anyone remember me, or my cousin Pamela 'Warwick'? I am in touch with quite a few 'girls' but would love to hear from more...

I have a particularly amusing photo taken in 1999, of seven of us kneeling irreverently 'at prayer' in the denuded convent chapel - all aged between 65-70!!! I will let you have some photos.

I enjoyed looking at the photos posted. The actual Convent of St. Louis building has been somewhat truncated; what is left of the ground floor is used by the Somerset County mental health dept. When we 'old girls' visited the convent in 1999 we were allowed to go to the chapel (under supervision) it was quite eerie up there...found a dead pigeon in what was St. Mary's dormitory, but did not get the chance to explore further.

Susan Phillips
Glastonbury convent

I trying to establish when my mother, Vera Joan Martin, attended the convent. She was born 1913 and married 1937.

Louisa Watson (Freeman) [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I am amazed to find this site I thought the school was still running and part of Millfield preprep.

I am going to look out some pictures and chat to Henrietta and see if we can put together some dates and names.

I am so excited to read familiar names and wonder what you are all up to.

Please email me if you were in my year or Henrietta's.

We had some fun times

  • getting into the cellars and having a good look round. Failed to keep a proper look out but cannot remember who caught us. Sr Lise was not impressed.
  • going into the nuns bathroom at the top of the big stairs and finding jars of tiny pieces of soap bars
  • we made phone calls upstairs outside Sr Lise's room and put in 10p but still in trouble for not getting permission
  • Remember little rebellions over Friday masses once we were in senior 1 and feeling v mature deciding not go. that lasted all of 5 minutes
  • cookery lessons with Mrs Rowe - did we only make quiche
  • History with Mrs Holmes and poetry - inspired
  • Scripture every morning - why did we not all have to do it
  • Dens in the field hedges and behind the altar, why were the boys never going to let us play in their camps?
  • British bulldogs grazed knees and badly ripped clothes, were Etta and I really so naughty
  • hanging off the climbing frame after school trying not to show your knickers and daring each other to monkey hang off the high bar and then go all the way across
  • assemblies - being old enough to sit on chairs
  • public speaking competitions at 11 -Jo are you there
  • packed lunches in the classroom with Sr Aimee nodding
  • sweet shop at break downstirs in the small hall
  • berets with tassells
  • Mummy running second hand uniform in the huge cupboard, on the nuns downstairs corridor through to the house
  • french lessons everyday
  • going to Crowdons before school for crisps for lunch

I could go on!

Great t hear Sam, Alexia, Tracy: who else do you keep up with

The closing and now redevelopment of the convent is sad and takes some

very happy memories. It was a special place full of magic - much of it because of the nuns and the strict rules - we manged to break sometimes

Patricia [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I was a pupil at St Louis Convent School for girls and boys for the sons and daughters of gentle folks I think it said on the notice board that I passed every day after getting off the bus from Street to get to school on time. I always missed it on the way home and had to wait for ages outside of Crockers. I hated the convent and I was scared stiff of the nuns especially Mother Amiee. I had no daps, was always caught running up the stairs instead of walking. It was freezing with cold milk to drink out of frozen bottles in the winter. I could not wait to leave the only thing I enjoyed was ringing the bell at play time.

I remember the day I left I was on my own walking quietly out of the gate when Mother Amiee stopped me. She shook my hand only after she told me to remove my glove as she informed me that I was rude to shake hands with anyone with your gloves on. She told me that all the offices in Glastonbury had a ex convent girl working for them and that she hoped I would follow their examples.

To this very day I have no fond memories of her, I liked Miss Mansfield she was nice to me and I could always make her laugh.

I saw this webpage advertised in the local paper, my daughter is a reporter for the paper now. I enjoyed looking at it especially the gardens and where the nuns used to have there dinner. Father O'Brian and Father MacNamara were the priests at St Mary's then. I loved Father MacNamara he had a twinkle in his eye and I pinched his bum once by mistake when he attended the wedding reception of my sister, after performing the wedding ceremony, I thought that he was my big cousin John I was mortified when he turned round and I saw that it was the priest.

If I was talking in lessons I was sent to stand outside the door this I didn't mind but when I heard the swish of the Sister skirts and roserrie beads I would dive into the cloak room and bury myself underneath everyone coats and blazers Sister Mary Peter would come into the cloak room but she could never find me I spent all of my senior school life hiding from them they could never find me I hid in the loos upstairs in the back stairs up the alley by Mrs Rowes class even behind the big black door that lead to the kitchen and the nuns chaple.

Happy days, no not really

Michael Moir-Bussy [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

My late mother, Mollie, nee ELLIS/HAWKES, was a student at St Louis between 1929-1931 (I believe). In her last year she was 'teaching' (a teacher's aide???). I would love some information about those times, and/or pictures. I would be delighted to subsidise postage/photocpying etc.

I reside in Townsville, QLD, Australia.

Kathleen Scott
Minehead convent

The Minehead Reunion is on the 7th July 2007 I would love to hear from any past pupils or if you know of any nuns that may have been in Minehead.

My name was Broderick I will be pleased to hear from you. We used to go to Glastonbury and play net ball.

Please contact this site if you want to contact me.

Gillian Dalling
Minehead convent

St Teresa's (Minehead) was the only school I attended. My sister, Sheila Dalling, also was there from 1938 - 1954. My brother, Derek Dalling, was there until he was 11yrs and then attended Minehead Grammar School. Very sadly they both died in their 50s.

I have been to several reunions held in Minehead on the 2nd Thursday of May each year. One year we went to have a look around the school and then went out to the cemetery to visit the graves of various nuns. In particular, Mother St Gerard and Mother Superior - MSGs niece comes to the reunions. They are organised by Pat Tytherleigh. I remember Mother Teresa, Mother Aimee, Sister Sylvester and Sister Bernadette.

Kathleen Scott (nee Broderick) is organising a reunion at the Dunkery Hotel, Wootton Courtenay on July 7th. She is trying to trace Susan Kingdom, Rachael Gates and Simon and Frances Barbour.

Jeannette Binding
Minehead convent

I attended the Minehead Convent from 1949 til 1962.


We have received a message and photographs from Moira who attended Minehead convent from the late 1930's and through the war years. She was a boarder there. One of her photos is the dormitory, another the chapel. We have decided to add a page "Other Convents" to this website to cover Minehead and Frome as they were all run by the same order of Sisters. Some of the Sisters were at some time at the different convents. As soon as time allows we will upload her photos on that page. Watch this space!!!! We cannot find any other websites that cover these convents. Minehead ran from 1898 until 1994 and Frome 1902 until 1998. If you went to these convents, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.

Minehead convent

I attended St Louis convent school in Minehead which was run by the same order of nuns as Glastonbury and life there would have been very similar. I was a boarder there. I have several photos to share on this website. Here are some of my memories of those school days.

The convent and two schools, plus a chapel and laundry were all on one site adjoining the RC church of Minehead.

St Louis day school educated the orphans (convent) and outside day scholars age 5-7 years. St Teresa's catered for boarders and day scholars from age 5, the boys leaving at 11 and the girls at 18 . The convent also ran the laundry which served the town and surrounding countryside.

Just before World War II, St Teresa's school took over an adjoining hotel, (Blair Lodge) and also added a science block and gymnasium.

The teaching staff consisted of four senior English nuns and qualified lay teachers from England, France and Germany. There were female lay sisters who wore clogs as they worked in the garden (fruit and vegetable) and the laundry. They were entirely French speaking, they also helped on convent farm.

School life (for boarders) started at 6.30am for Mass in Convent chapel at 7am conducted by the curate from the adjoining Catholic church. Canon Casey celebrated on special days.

Discipline was quite strict and uniform compulsory - even on weekends when we were taken for long walks in the country in a long crocodile, supervised by a nun. No talking until we reached open countryside. We wore hats and gloves!!

Uniform - navy gymslip and white blouse and royal blue tie. Sundays - pleated navy skirts and silk shirts. Blazers with a royal blue badge with a yellow fleur de lys. Dark brown ribbed stockings which constricted the blood flow after kneeling for half an hour and caused such discomfort when one stood up!!

We played tennis, netball and hockey on the Minehead beach where it always seemed to be bitterly cold, especially if you were goal keeper!!

Prayers and rosary after tea and before homework - then bed by 8 to 8.30pm. The outbreak of war produced an influx of English and German catholic children from London.

My surname then was Roberts and my best friend for many years was Elizabeth Wood from Old Cleve. Are you still in the area?

Glastonbury convent

On Sunday 15th April 2007, the 10.30 Mass at St Marys church, in Glastonbury, was in celebration of the centenary of the blessing of the Convent chapel. Five Sisters of St Louis travelled from their convent in Richmond, Surrey to attend the celebratory Mass and participated in the Mass by doing the readings and prayers. It is also hoped that a plaque will be placed in St. Mary's to remember the Sisters of St. Louis.

Michael McKay [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I will have to search for some photos but I can easily recall some teachers names like: Gilligan, Cahill, O'Kelly, von Schweinitz, Greaney: they all seemed to be 'Miss' in those days.

My sister, Nadia, and my brother, Don, both attended the recent reunion. I now live near Geneva.

Sam Earner [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Wow! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this web site! Really enjoyed reading messages from and about old classmates, including James Plunkett Cole, Alexia Turner, Tracy Wall, Judith Selway, Louisa Freeman, Lisa Antonello, Sarah and Suzanne Preece, Shirley Lock, Neilsen Gillard, Tim Wall, Jonathan Witney; remembering also John and Thomas Greene, Dominic Crowley, Sean Miller, Isabelle Scott Evans, Nicholas Hedges, Jason Kiddle, Marie Davis, Julie Vincent, Frank Rubino... and many others!

Some of you have fantastic memories and an eye for almost poetic detail. Let me try a couple of random memories myself, now that I'm bitten by the bug. How about...

  • Piling-up grass cuttings on the school field in summer, then sticking your hand inside to feel how hot it can get.
  • The 'Mike Free Transformation Programme', which introduced us to everything from science, to stage props, to archery, with proper changing rooms and a proper lab.
  • Was it a relative of Alexia's who joined us one summer and could throw a cricket ball further than we boys could see?!
  • School football training and matches at the Baltonsborough Summer Fete.
  • Sister Veronica smacking Philip Nixon, then remarking 'Ooh, what hard hands you've got, Philip!'
  • Hand-me-down football boots, and later - brand new football boots! (Thanks to Bill Forbes for my first pair.)
  • House competitions and 'Prize Day' (if that's what is was called).
  • The sports cupboard under the main strairs, closely controlled by Sr Pauline; liberally raided by the rest of us!
  • Mass detention with a twist: a class full of kids all copying something or another from a book of our choice in the school 'library'. To impress the girls, pick the biggest book available, find your seat, then see "The Really Big Book for Complete Dummies" plastered across the cover and understand why you're: a. in detention, and b. girlfriendless. (Sorry, got a bit carried away there.)
  • Staring at that 'thing' on the wall by the window in Mrs Fallows' (excuse any misspelling) class on the top floor, and wondering exactly how effective it would be if we all had to escape a fire by sliding down its quarter-inch-thick rope to the tarmac thirty feet below.

That should do..

And have you seen the poor old building today, however? Alas 'progress'.

Wishing you all very, very well...

Tracy Wall [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Hi Alexia!!!

Really lovely to see your message - it would be great to catch up and hear how you, Natalie and Briony are getting on. I loved those archery lessons!! I have instructed the owners of this website to give you my email address.

Garry Childs
Glastonbury convent

Hi there, I was a student at St Louis back in 1960. My parents immigrated to New Zealand in that year and I have lived in the New Plymouth area ever since. I still have the school group photo from June 1960 which is in good condition. It is my intention to one day return for a holiday and had hoped to see the old school, however it seems I'm a little late for that. I was 5 years old when at the school, it would be great to hear from some one from the 1960 5 year olds class.

Alexia Turner (nee Rencricca)
Glastonbury convent

I was thrilled to hear about this website. I was at St Louis for nearly 10 brilliant years, along with my younger sister Natalie. We still often remember those days with very happy memories. It has been great looking at all the old photos and reading the things that fellow past pupils remember the most. I especially remember:

  • The Bell
  • Sister Mary Imelda's Irish country dancing lessons, kilt that never quite fitted me and the dreaded Highbridge festival Competition.
  • Incurring the wrath of Sister Veronica in the playground
  • The brilliant Sister Lise to whom I still owe a great deal - would love to know where she is today
  • The very kind Mrs Cook-Fox, lovely Mrs Smith and the indomitable Mrs Fallows
  • All my fellow pupils over the years but particularly Tracy Wall, Judith Selway, Louisa Freeman, Lisa Antonello, Sarah and Suzanne Preece, Shirley Lock, Neilsen Gillard, Tim Wall, Samuel Earner, Jonathan Witney, James Plunkett Cole, Leonora Blackman, Denise Rogers. I am still in touch with Briony Hicks.
  • Yellow and white check summer dresses and straw hats
  • the amazing field in the summer where we made dens and spent hours beating back long grass and bushes to make 'our camp'
  • the short spell of archery lessons that were completely hilarious
  • school outings to Lulworth Cove, Cricket St Thomas, HMS Victory and the Science museum in London.

I would love to hear from any of my old friends, and would be up for coming to a reunion if there is another one.

Elizabeth Bagg (Cook) [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Hi, I was at the convent from 1968-1979. I went to the reunion in October and it was nice to catch up with people I havent seen for about 20+ years, thanks to the organisers for arranging it. I presently live in Woolavington working in Burnham on Sea and would like to hear from anyone who was in my year.

My memories of the school are of lending my pleated maroon games skirt to girls in the school team as there wasn't enough and I had my own pleated one. (I never got to play in the school team, only my skirt did). We had great jumble sales and christmas plays in the school hall and the PTA did some good events too.

Mandy Parfitt now Mellford
Glastonbury convent

I was at the convent between the ages of 6 and 12. I have lots of memories of my time there. Sister Veronica and Sister Pauline were quite scary and would rap you on the knuckles with a twig if you misbehaved! I can remember playing kiss chase with the boys and getting told off about it. My friends there were Susan Stone, Mandy Cooper, Lynette Bird, Beverley and Maxine Green and Simone Ruddle, amongst many others. I can remember us all queueing up to go and look at a dead nun - much to our disgust! Playing "all in a line for fairies and witches". "What's the time Mr Wolf" making dens in the nettles. Being a prefect and having to grass on my friends by writing their names on the blackboard if they spoke. Being in awe of Mrs Fallows, liking Mrs Cooke-Fox and Sister Eugene and being terrified of Sister Pauline and Sister Veronica. Giving all my Dinky toy cars to Angus Payne to try and impress him. Fancying Stephen Bethel and Paul Roebuk - in fact I fancied all the boys! I think! That's why I wanted to leave at 12 cos the boys all left then! I also remember being sick over the front pew in the church because of the smell of the insense burning! I even went through a phase of wanting to be a nun myself - fortunately I soon got over that one!

Mandy Bateman
Glastonbury convent

The lady between Mrs Cook-Fox and Sr Pauline on the 1975 photograph is Mrs Bowden. She was my piano teacher at the time. She also used to play the piano during our ballet lessons in the hall.

Valerie Gan
Glastonbury convent

My mother attended St. Louis convent between the years 1926-1935. I wondered if there were any school photos with her in. Her name was Cecilia Daphne Goulding.

Tracy Wall [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

We all had a lovely time at the convent reunion. The hall looked great with yellow and blue balloons and the buffet was delicious. We were delighted to meet up with, amongst others, Mrs Rose (PE teacher), James Plunkett-Cole, Alice Le Quesne, Denise Rogers and her cousin and the Rubino sisters.

It was fascinating reading the letters from some of the pupils that could not come along and seeing old photos.

Alice and I may try to arrange a mini get-together with pupils from the 70's and 80's next summer, and we will put details of that up on this site.

So do keep sending your details to this site and to Sue Nicholson-Lailey (see below) as we will contact people from our era on there.

Many thanks to Sue and the organisers for such a great evening.

Tracy, Nic, Tim and Jeannie Wall. (Pupils from 70-80's and our Mum taught swimming during that time.)

Julie Hembrow
Glastonbury convent

I have very fond memories of the school, with wonderful teachers from Sister Mary Imelda, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Rose, Mrs Cook-Fox, Mrs Fallows and I can remember being quite scared of the last Head Mistress Sister Lise who was very strict. I used to love running up the big old stair case, but if you were caught there was trouble, making dens in the school playing fields, playing British Bulldogs in the playground until that was banned and deemed to dangerous, what a shame. I have just heard about the reunion but unfortunately 4 days to late, but reading the article in the paper and seeing my old school photo, what a bad hair cut, it has bought all those wonderful times back.

Sue Nicholson-Lailey [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

A big thankyou to all who attended the reunion on Saturday evening. It was lovely to see you all and I hope you enjoyed catching up with each other. It would be lovely to have some feed back from you. We did send out over 400 invitations but feel that a lot of people had moved in the seven years since the last one. We would welcome some volunteers who would be willing to try and find people relevant to their era. We could then compile a more accurate and updated list for the future. Please contact this website, they will pass your message on to us.

Doug Forbes
Glastonbury convent

Several people on the website make mention of the school bell. I dont know if you know that it is now in my possession given to me by the late Sister Frances Theresa for safe keeping and for use/display on suitable occasions. It is used every pilgrimage on the altar in memory of the sisters and their time here. I will take a pic and send it you when the weather clears enough to get a decent daylight shot.

Others mention the Silver Jubilee plate which the PTA, of the time of which I was a ctte member, got made for us by a local potter. I have one and likewise can get a pic for you.

Lastly, when the PTA built the extension to the hall - I was chairman and was responsible for the design and some of the construction work. We got parents to sponsor the building by buying a brick and we stuck the labels with their names on their brick before using it. When the building was knocked down the builders very kindly rescued as many of the stickers as they could and our daughter now has them in safe keeping.

Hope the foregoing may be of interest

Caroline Hannan
Glastonbury convent

My mother Mary Alves (1916 to 2005) was at the convent in, I now realise, its very early years. She wasn't Catholic but lived very near the school in Abbey Road and, bieng a child of some spirit, refused to go to elmhirst like her brothers and cousins but insisted on going to the convent. I imagine that was in about 1927. Sadly, her mother died in 1929 and the family moved from Glastonbury in 1930, so she left the school then.

She had very fond memories of her school days and of the nuns. A nun called Sister Josephine was particularly fond of her and as she was dying asked to see her, so Mummy was taken into the nuns' 'quarters' to visit her.

She also remembers the nuns playing cricket with them and picking up their skirts to run.

I have a piece of embroidery that the nuns did for my grandfather to thank him for something he had done for the school, and I may have a certificate. When they surface again I will send photos to the site.

My mother was a very fine needlewoman and always boasted of her 'convent darns'!

Janie Ashdown (nee Sharp)
Glastonbury convent

I can remember Mr. Cartwright teaching History when I was in Sen 1 and Sen 2. Also the singing teacher when we performed the Mikado and Pirates of Penzance: Mrs Ruth Thurgour or something like that.

Glastonbury convent

I was at the convent from 1945 until 1952. I remember in 1947, Mother Patricia went to Bristol University and got a degree. I will get in contact with some other former pupils and will see if I can find any photos.

Jim Plunkett-Cole
Glastonbury convent

Here are some of my memories but don't hold me to them as twas along time ago:

  • bean bag races
  • the boys toilets which I think were blue and the girls pink (correct me if wrong)
  • Black pumps.
  • Mrs Baxter and my first day at school
  • Sister Veronica who didn't seem to appreciate troublesome boys with grazed knees like me
  • I was never in Mrs Fallows class but she had a certain 'rep'!
  • Mrs Smith was lovely.
  • We were non-catholics and had to say separate prayers. I think there was a small group of us non-catholics and we didn't participate in much of the chapel activity that went on. We didn't really understand why we were 'different' then. At prayers there was a big circle of catholic children and a small circle of non-catholic children. We only had to remember the Lords Prayer I think which was a definite plus.
  • I remember we couldn't really afford the school fees which I think were about �86 for a term (again correct me if wrong). Couldn't really afford the trips to Cricket St Thomas either but fortunately managed to go on them somehow
  • We were a single parent family then (my mum and three kids) and I think maybe that was taken into consideration by the headmistress at times!
  • I was fond of an older girl called Susan. I can't remember her surname but I remember seeing her some years later at Wookey swimming pool which is another place from a bygone era I guess.
  • Sister Pauline was really nice and used to give me a treat if I helped her to carry the rounders bats. I thought I was her favourite but she was so nice and I probably wasn't alone in thinking this!
  • I remember being quite good at Netball which I never told the kids at St Benedicts when I moved on there for obvious reasons. In fact, I took a fair bit of stick when I went to St Bendicts (I was called 'Convent Boy'). Fortunately, the convent experience of some of the older boys (and one or two nuns) there had toughened me up.
  • The big field in Summer was another world. I remember making dens and passages in the nettles and also some kind of dereclict bandstand or something. The Jubilee party of 1977 too. I think my mum has still got the plate they gave us.
  • I think I was in a football team run by Mr Barlowe (Brendan's dad) but that might have been the cubs. Not sure.
  • The uniform and peaked cap were great. But I do remember being envious of the boys who had long trousers in Winter!
  • Girls doing headstands against the concrete wall and the boys kicking a football against it.
  • I think it was Sister Mary Imelda whose class I went into after Mrs Baxter and I think it was her showing our class the pictures from the 1970s Mars space probe which got me into my early fascination with space!!!!
  • The bell
  • The huge (then) playground which we had to measure for class and I believe was 33metres in length or something like that! Why on earth do I remember that!
  • Conker trees in the big field but don't think we were allowed in it in Autumn when they fell.
  • Sam Earner's mum used to let me and Sam into the Cinema for free and gave us treats to take in
  • Jonathan Witney's dad used to run the telly shop next to the school.
Susan Tatchell now Dawson
Glastonbury convent

Just discovered your web page, really great, have been looking at the landscape photos and recognise lots of people. Have also been looking at the messages. In my class were Tracey Hector, Lynette Bird, Sally Pritchard, Jane Close, Denise Grey, Annette Malone, Casssie Edwards and Carol Baker. I would love to hear from any of these people and see how they are doing now that we are all in our forties, or anyone who went to the convent between 1970-1979.

I remember sister Veronica the most; we use to let her chase us behind the hedge which use to run alongside the school hall.

My brother David Tatchell also attended between 1962 and 1968.

Sr. Josephine Goggin (Tolworth Convent, Surrey)
Glastonbury convent

Thank you for your letter of 18th January 2006. It was interesting to hear of the website for past pupils. I can answer a few of your questions but am not really in a position to answer all your queries.

The stature of Our Lady which was in the Convent chapel in Glastonbury is now in Richmond. Richmond is our main convent in England. Tolworth is the smaller of the two convents. All the other communities in England have closed. The English Sisters are now part of the much larger French Province.

I do not know what happened to the long school photographs, which were hanging on the stairs at Glastonbury. There was an auction of furniture etc when the school was sold so maybe there were sold in lots with the other items. I do not know.

Two of the former head teachers of the school are still living. Sr. Elizabeth Emett is living in our community in Richmond and Sr Lise Barbeau who is living in a community in Montreal Canada. Other former head teachers of the school include Sr. Aimee Le Claire and Sr.Patricia O'Farrell. Other former teachers at the school include Sr. Eugenie Woods, Sr. Joseph, Sr. Ignatius, Sr. Annunciata, Sr. Frances Theresa and many others. The sisters who worked in the school and who are still alive are Sr. Maria Goretti Grimes, Sr. Pauline 0'Sullivan, (Richmond) Sr. Margaret Dillane (Tolworth) Sr. Francine Renaud (Canada) Sr Denise Levesque (South America).

Unfortunately as you downsize it becomes more difficult to keep photographic records etc so I have checked with Richmond and we do not have any really relevant photographs. I am sure past pupils will provide you with many of these. If I do come across some I will let you have them.

I wish you well with the project and trust it is a means of putting past pupils back in touch.

Tracy Wall [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

This is a great site, well done for getting it together.

I attended the convent in the 1970's with my older twin brothers, Nic and Tim Wall.

I enjoyed my time there and had some lovely teachers.

Some things I remember are; the smell of cabbage down the long corridor to the kitchens, egg and spoon and sack races on sports days, trips to Cricket St Thomas, pupils fainting in assembly, the picture of a hanging Abbot Whiting on the main stairs, discovering a room full of sanitory towels when we thought nuns didn't have periods, having to choose the "Best Looking Boy And Girl" in our class at a party, winning Best Girl Disco Dancer (I think Samuel Earner won Best Boy Disco Dancer) at a christmas party for doing some "Grease" inspired moves, going out on the balcony at the front of the school, getting excited at seeing Tor Fair over the field fence, making camps in the long grass and being dared to run around the back of the alter, dressing up for the nativity plays, Sister Mary Imelda nodding at her desk, Mrs Smith being able to double cross her legs, Mrs Fallows clicking her heels in assembly, Sister Pauline (?) running around the playground with skirt and veil flowing behind blowing a whistle...

I also did Irish dancing and will send in a photo from 1976 after we competed at The Highbridge Festival along with some other pics.

Does anyone know what has happened to the old school bell?

(The photos can be found on the St Louis Then page.)

David [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

Please find attached scans from St Mary's silver jubilee book (1966) as promised.

(We have uploaded a photograph from David's scans and have updated parts of the history page.)

Glastonbury convent

I have some photos of my time at St Louis and two long photos of year 1973 and 1977.

Tim Wall
Glastonbury convent

I have so many memories of the Convent. I remember being allowed into the back field in the summer and making camps in the stinging nettles in the sides of it and receiving a plate for the 1977 jubilee. I also remember the the candlelight walk in the Christmas carol service and saying a prayer every time an ambulance went past. This is a great website, particularly with all the changes going on.

Glastonbury convent

The best time I had was doing Irish dancing with St Mary Imelda.

Glastonbury convent

I started in 1956 when Mother Aimee was Headmistress! I loved my school days at the Convent. This is fantastic to read; I will try and find some photos which I think are in the loft! I have forwarded to quite a few fellow ex pupils.

Glastonbury convent

Here are some old convent photos from the early 50's for the website.

Glastonbury convent

Have managed to find two photos that may be of interest for the St Louis web site, I am unable to confirm the exact date but both are from the very early fifties.

Glastonbury convent

They say that they are the best days of your life, they were right. Would do it all over again, tomorrow.

Glastonbury convent

Just to say I was thrilled to find Remembering St Louis and have been busy trying to find old school photographs which I will scan and send to you. I hope lots of old pupils will find this site interesting and get in touch, good luck.

Glastonbury convent

I have a school photo of the year of 1977 (or 78) which if I can find in the attic I would be happy to let you borrow to put on the site. I will come back to you on this when I next venture up there.

I shall be sure to visit the site on a regular basis and will be spreading the word to those ex convent girls I see.

Frank [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I was at the Convent in the late 50s and early 60s. I remember some teachers and nuns - Sister Eugenie, Mother Aimee, Sister Veronica, Miss Meehan and Mrs Rowe.

I remember the concerts in the hall. I didn't like the warm milk we used to have to drink in winter; they used to heat it on the radiators!!

I will revisit this site to see what else has been added.

Glastonbury convent

I saw the article in the Local Paper and thought it was a great idea. Sad to see so few have logged on but maybe as word gets round.

Ah memories, of Mother Aimee, Sister Patricia, Sister Elizabeth and of course (for those of my era) Mrs Fallows and the very gentle Mrs Smith. It was a wonderful (in hindsight) time despite the rather limited subjects available and Im sure that the times spent at St Louis are on the whole remembered with fondness by most ex-pupils. I will be back to see who else has logged on very soon.

David Davies [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

It's lovely to see these images of such a great school - the memories (mostly good) come flooding back.

It was such a shame when the convent shut and now an even greater shame that the site is changing. Will the original main buildings remain and be re-furbished or are the developers intending to start again from scratch? - I do hope not.

Nice to see the photo of Father MacNamara, my favourite priest ever!

Can you spot me in the front row of the 1961 photo - if you recognise me - do get in touch. Thanks for this site - much appreciated.

Margaret Hitchcock
Glastonbury convent

I was only a pupil at St. Louis until I was 11 when I transferred to the Convent at Shepton Mallet. It is very sad to see the old buildings being demolished/changed. I remember the tramps coming to the kitchen to be fed and us children peering around the corner at them. I also remember Sister Annunziata (who had a bad leg and was often short-tempered!!) Sister Eugene, and Sister Aimee (she didn't like me very much).

The Litchfield girls are well remembered also, and my husband and I are in touch with Bridget who is now Prioress of a Carmelite Monastery in Yorkshire. (Her sister Marie is also head of a Carmelite House also in Yorkshire). Then there was Miss Mansfield. Some of the pupils at that time were Brendan Batty, the Doolan Sisters, Andrew Bunbury, Peter Curtis, Gavin Poyntz-Wright (now my brother-in-law).

Would love to hear from any one who was there when I was!

Sally [Yahoo group member]
Glastonbury convent

I feel terribly sad the the convent is being demolished. I feel privileged to have gone to school there.

I remember Sister Veronica as a tiny little lady who could be a bit scary sometimes. And Sister Eugane was just the sweetest lady. I also remember Sister Elizabeth and her fabled slipper though I never saw it!

The back of the alter was a scary place - only ventured there once or twice. And playing in the newly mowed grass in the field was fun. I also remember sports days and the various types of races, particularly the mothers races.

This site is lovely - my memories are flooding back.

Glastonbury convent

I have a school photo from 1984 and one from around 1976 if you would like them.

Glastonbury convent

What an interesting website! It brought back many memories - not all of them happy! It was good to see the 1969 school photo again. I have a copy but it's in the loft and hasn't seen the light of day for years. I have told other past pupils about this site too. Congratulations on creating this website.